Friday, July 3, 2015

Stuff and Things (a day late): 7/3

It's still legal to write a blog post for a linkup a day late, right?

Linking up with Kristin and Joey

+ First things first, we found out last week that this little acrobat is going to be a boy! 

I'm pretty excited.  One of each?  We're going to be the ultimate perfect family.  Yes.  But also because, well, we've decided that we're going to stop here at two for now.  At least for planned little ones. 

+ Ellie is starting to talk in full sentences and she's not even 2.  Little girl is eating her Wheaties and drinking her milk.  Okay, she actually doesn't like milk, but society says that Wheaties and milk are the key to being strong and smart, right? 

She walks, runs, talks, pouts, shouts, screams, and knows what she wants.  She loves doing things if she's not forced to.  Put her in the lake without her instigating it?  No way, but let her splash herself and go in on her own?  She's all over it.

She still has her awesome curls and blue blue eyes.  Some say that their kids had curly hair and it went away when they cut it.  I'm never cutting it

+ I got a book from Blogging for Books in February and I STILL haven't finished it.  It just isn't that good.  Can I write that as a review?  I've read 4 other books since receiving this book.  I read The Book Thief (great), Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan (hilarious), Yes Please by Amy Poeller (also good), and The Girl on the Train (awesome).  I've also just started reading Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin.  Books are fun when you have time to read them and actually ENJOY them.

+ I'm currently putting off school planning, but I know it's going to bite me in the butt.  I have to plan a maternity leave (which includes planning out a Christmas concert for the sub while I'm gone) and I'm stalling because I know it's going to be a lot of work.  Yuck.  I think I'll just keep bouncing on my yoga ball and drinking iced tea.  That sounds more fun and productive.

On that note, nap time is over.  Until next time...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Still here

Yes, I took an unpredicted hiatus.

Yes, I am still alive.

Yes, Ellie is still growing way too fast.  I'll get into all of THAT goodness at a later date.

I finally feel like I have the time and motivation to blog.  I've missed it terribly.  I've missed the connections that were made and the feeling that someone cares about my ramblings.

In a nutshell, this is what has been happening in our lives the past few months:

(1)  I have been going full force with teaching this year.  It was my first full year teaching K-8 and a lot of my time was spent figuring out just what I wanted to do with everyone.  I mean, if I had a curriculum it may have been better, but since that didn't exist before I stepped in I had to create my own from hours and hours of scavenging on the internet and Pinterest.

(2)  Nick has gone back to school.  Some opportunities came up for Nick to be able to go back to school and he chose the medical field.  Currently, he works at an electronic recycling/re-selling place and he felt that it wasn't what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  So, since he has recently been intrigued by science and new discoveries, he figured out that going to PA school (Physician Assistant) was where he wanted to go.  I'm very excited for his career change and I'm glad that he found something that he wants to spend the rest of his doing.

He's becoming a CNA (nursing assistant), will take part-time classes to build up his per-requisites for PA school, and then spend two years at some school for his certification as a PA.  The next few years are going to be insane, probably a bit stressful, and definitely busy.

(3)  Ellie is a legit toddler.  Too legit.

She talks all the time, throws mini tantrums, purposefully makes messes, and loves getting attention.

(4)  #2 is on his/her way.

That bump is not a joke. #2 will explode in your belly and cause you to look much more pregnant than you actually are.  I'm really only 17 weeks along, not 25.
Yup.  It's happening! Due mid-November and sure to be different than Ellie (I assume).  This pregnancy has been quite different from Ellie's, so that's why I'm sure this kiddo will be very different.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stuff and Things: 2/19

Linking up with Kristin and Joey

+Whistler.  Guys, Whistler was awesome.  Okay, it wasn't as awesome as it could have been because there wasn't very much snow so we didn't get to use our free snowshoe rentals, BUT it was still fun for our first trip out there.  We stayed in an adorable log cabin, spent WAY too much money on incredibly delicious steaks, and went to a Scandinavian spa.  Oh. My. Gosh.  There must be something to hydrotherapy because Nick and I felt SO good afterwards.  They tell you to spend 10-15 minutes in a hot bath, 10 seconds in a cold bath (60 degrees cold), and then 10-15 minutes of relaxing to get your core temperature back up, and repeat for about 2 hours.  All of the baths were outside AND it was raining.  It was magical.

Also, everyone in Whistler has an accent.  Our lunch waiter had an Italian accent, our spa lady had an Australian accent, our fro-yo guy had an English accent, and I heard about 10 other languages/accents.  I think I might have melted about 20 times.  Something about accents, I don't know what it is.  Even Canadian accents are cute. 

+ Speaking of our Whistler trip, the cabin had labels for all of their light switches.  Awesome, but I'm not quite sure I understand the need for "quotation marks".

+ I love cloth diapering.  It's been a fun adventure, but diarrhea with cloth diapers is just not fun.  No.  I'll let that sink in a bit...

+ I've just started trying out some Pilates last week.  It's been quite fun! I'm surprised with how much I like it.  I'm pretty sure I thought that it would consist of not doing much for too long, but it's pretty tough.  I was inspired by Kristin's post that had a few websites to try so I jumped on it.  

+ I started The Book Thief on audiobook for my commute to work last week. It's amazing.  I forgot how much I love books regarding WWII and how wonderful a good book is.  I'm still trying to get through my Blogging for Books book.  We're actually taking a break right now.  I just can't get into it and my free time is so limited.  So, The Book Thief trumps all.

+ I ordered my contacts two weeks ago from Vision Direct and my order is STILL processing.  I'm on my last set.  It's terrible.  Why must it take so long?!

+ Toddler tantrums are terrible.  I'm always conflicted.  Is she old enough to understand the consequences?  To actually GET why we're ignoring her screaming for no good reason?  I don't know.  It makes things very difficult.  We're getting into serious parenting territories.  I'm not looking forward to it.