Monday, June 30, 2014


I have a confession to make... daughter is a dork.  And, I have proof.

Not dorky enough for you?  Let's continue on...

And continue...

And, the best one of them all.  My favorite dorky picture:

See?  I have the cutest and dorkiest baby around. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stuff and Things: June 26th

I have reached the point of summer break where I feel like I have a lot to do, but nothing to do all at the same time.  That is probably because most of the things I have to do are projects.  Projects that will take awhile.  I'm now reverting back to my school-self who likes to procrastinate things.

It's even worse when you have limited time to work on these things (like when baby is napping).  So, I keep debating which project I want to bust out first and then I end up thinking about this while checking Facebook or watching just one (but mostly two or three) episodes of some addicting show on Netflix.  Or Office reruns.

I'll get there.  Someday. 


We went to Portland this past weekend.  Nick had two gigs in the Portland area, so we decided to visit family and make a mini-trip out of it.

Well, we went to Deschutes Brew Pub for lunch one day.  It was AWESOME.  I have never had a burger that was as good as theirs.  Plus, the place is pretty dang hipster.  Go there for lunch some day.  It rocks.


Japan is coming.  Actually, I'm coming to Japan, but same thing.  I leave in less than a week.  LESS THAN A WEEK!  I can't even begin to tell you how nervous, excited, and anxious I am about it.

I grew up, went to college, and currently live in a small town.  Now, imagine taking that person and putting them in Tokyo.  The largest city in the world.  Yes it is, I Googled it.

Can you see why I'm a little bit nervous?  The first two days I'll be on my own (meeting up with my friend who's getting married, though), but my mom will join me later.  I'm so glad that she's coming with.  I would probably die from sensory overload if I went alone.  That and long and boring plane ride.

Why are Nick and Ellie not going?  Financially it's just not the best thing for us.  We're living at my grandparent's and putting all of our money into paying off debt.  Plus, it wouldn't seem right to all go on an extravagant trip while living at someone else's house and paying off debt.  Anyways, we worked it out to where I can go.  I debated taking Ellie along, but I'm only going for 6 days and taking Ellie by myself while I'm in the wedding just didn't seem like the best thing to do.  Plus, there's a 17 hour time difference.  Do you know how hard it would be for her to adjust to the jet lag and time difference?  I'd be up all night and all day.

It's going to be incredibly hard to leave her.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't think that Nick was going to have an awesome support group alongside him.  Living in a commune (grandparents + aunt and uncle) has it's serious perks.  My biggest fear about leaving her is that she won't sleep well at night for Nick and/or she'll have a hard time getting back to breastfeeding when I get back.  Not that it's not okay for her to wean herself, I just want it to happen closer to her birthday.


Speaking of my daughter's birthday, I need to think about it.  What a weird thing to have to think about.

I mean, what kind of cake do I make?  I want a good one with good ingredients, not Safeway's icing drenched sheet cake. Who do I invite?  Do I even want to ask for presents?  If I don't will we get a million things we don't want?!

Her birthday is only two months away.  Holy cow...


To end this post I'll share one of our family photos that was taken recently by one of our awesome friends.

Or maybe two...

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everyday I'm Diapering: Tips and Tricks for Cloth Diapers

I love cloth diapers.

I love what they do for the environment. I love how much money they save us. I love how seriously cute they look on my daughter. I love how comfortable they are. Well, I assume they are. I haven't actually tried them, but I know I'd rather have cloth on my bottom as opposed to whatever disposables are made of. Wouldn't you?

They have been an adventure. A fun one, though!

I hope that you all consider cloth diapering at some point in your own parenting adventure.  Just send me an e-mail and I'll bombard you with a million online articles and resources.  I think I spent months researching.

Tips and Tricks: 

Buy a variety to start out with. I had a friend only buy one brand and she ended up giving up on them because, just one reason why, they leaked with her son.
I started out with about 6-8 different brands/types of diapers. It was nice to be able to figure out what kind we liked (AIO, pockets, prefolds, snaps, velcros, etc) and what kind fit our daughter the best.
You see, some babies fit better in different diapers because of their weight, height, rolls, etc. that's why I personally believe that it's important to start out with a few different ones.  Not that I'm saying my friend was wrong in doing so, but she may have been able to find a brand that worked for her.

 This is just part of our stash, not including the prefolds, and they're all different.

Don't be afraid to buy second hand! Almost all of mine are second hand and they are working just as well as the new ones I bought. As long as you check the elasticity of them and the overall quality, you'll be fine! Just strip them and/or wash them thoroughly before you use them.  And, obviously, if it looks gross, don't buy it.

Dry your diapers outside. It gets rid of all stains (no joke), kills a lot of ammonia built up, and saves you money on running the dryer.  Plus, hanging clothes up on the line is pretty dang relaxing.  It's zen-like.

Save money!  It may seem crazy expensive when you first buy diapers, but if you think about how many disposables you will have to buy, it's WAY less expensive in the long run.  Don't be afraid to save more money, though.  For example, don't buy a fancy diaper pail.  Just use a 5 gal. bucket with a wet bag liner.  That's what we use and it's great! Plus, they're a lot easier to clean when the time comes.  Hose anyone?

Use the diapers to your cuteness advantage.  Disposable diapers ain't got nothin' on these cute bottoms.  Am-I-right?