Friday, October 17, 2014

What's Trending?

1.  DIY hairstyling... with food.

This one brought to you by jam.
2.  Animals noises.  Including, but not limited to: dog, cat, lion, bear, snake, cow, horse, duck, and chicken.

3.  DIY books.  Now before you think we're all Pinterest-y over here, we're talking about books that make you do things.  Like pull tabs, play hide and seek, feel the page, etc.  Her current favorites are Where's Spot and What's Behind There?

4.  Books in general.  She is my little bookworm.

5.  Curls.  I love them.  I hope they stick.  Or at least stick enough for her to have a little curl here and there.

6.  Crawling on all four.  Yes, she is a crawling machine.  I still can't get over the way she flails her arms out when she crawls, though.

7.  Walking.  Okay, she's not walking on her own, but she loves walking while you hold her hands and she loves pulling up onto things and walking around the couch, table, etc.

8.  Stair climbing.  Who needs a stair master?

9.  Shoes and socks.  Not just saying them, but putting them on and taking them off, and putting them on and taking them off, and putting them on....

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I can't begin to tell you how much I've wanted to blog in the last few months.  Each time I think about it or start writing a post in my head, I know that it will be weeks before the next one or I can never fully finish writing one.  I have no idea how some of these mom bloggers do it.  I spend half of my time hanging out/taking care of my family and the other half working or planning lessons for my K-8 music classes.  Life rarely stays still.  But when it does, I'm usually not in the mood for blogging.  It's not you, it's just Netflix and my couch sound so much better.

But, I'm here now.  Who knows how long this blogging spurt will last.  One day, one week, one month?  Does it really matter?


Here's what's going on in our lives:

I never updated you all on my Japan trip, but you should know that it was amazing.  I need want to go back.  We only explored Tokyo because we there for a short 6 days (including wedding and wedding prep), so I need to go back.  At least to hike, explore more secluded temples, and experience a different part of Japan.

Ellie had her first birthday last month.  FIRST. BIRTHDAY.  I can't even begin to tell you how crazy it is that I have a one year old.  I'll write a separate post about her later, but for now she is a talking, crawling, and almost walking crazy girl.  I love it.  Exit baby-hood and enter toddler-hood.

School has been trucking on in full-force, Nick's band has been gigging a lot, and the sun will never stop.  Seriously.  It has been waaayy too nice for October in the PNW.  I mean, I've been outside barefoot multiple days this week.  That's not normal.  And, we're still drying our clothes outside on the line.

At least this nice weather during the leaf changing season has allowed us to get some fun outdoor time in.  Including some nice runs.  I don't know what I'm going to do when it starts getting nasty out.  Right now I have no excuse not to run outside.  Next month?  I don't know.  I should probably just suck it up.  Or just do the Jillian Michael's video - that thing destroys my arms afterwards.

On top of Yellow Aster Butte.  Also my first successful jumping picture.  White girl can't jump.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Let's play catch up shall we?

It has been far too long since I've blogged (once again, said almost every time this happens).  Life has been one crazy whirlwind so far.

Here's what's going on:

1.  My Japan trip was amazing, short, beautiful, and insane.  I'll share it with you later this week, promise!

2.  4 days after I got back, 4 DAYS, we went on a family vacation to Montana.  Let me rephrase that- the middle of nowhere, Montana.  It was with 17 of my family members and it was also amazing, beautiful, and peaceful.  I would have gone crazy jumping into a trip that soon after my previous trip, but since we were going to a place where the only thing to do is hang out around the cabins, I was more than happy to do it.

Hairdo courtesy of an auntie and sunscreen   -   The lake, dock, and cabin. Yes, there is a dock there that everyone is standing on.

3. We paid off all of our student loans this week!  I still can't believe that all of that debt is gone and behind us.  Living with family has some serious perks.  It would have taken us years to pay it off.

4.  As for Ellie?  Well, she's growing way too fast.  She's army crawling like mad, blowing bubbles, imitating noises (no words yet), eating a lot, and loves interacting with people.  She steals everyone's hearts when we're out and about.  Nick says that there will be a sudden burst of babies next year because of our daughter's swooning to all of the women around here.

She's also going to be a year old next month.  GAH!  How do you even plan kids' birthday parties?  Cake or big cupcake?  Presents or no presents?  So many questions.

5.  On top of that, school starts in less than a month.  I'm going to miss you summer...