Thursday, November 10, 2016

Oh, hello...

I've been meaning to jump back into the blogging world. I'm lagging in adult conversations and I miss rambling through my fingers.

Every time I start a blog post or think of a good topic to write about, something comes up. One of my 2 kids is in need of something, my teaching job requires lesson planning (weird, huh?) or I'm just wanting to sit and watch House of Cards or Westworld with Nick because we're too exhausted to do anything else.

So, let's get caught up.

+ Ellie is 3 and a complete three-nager. Occasional attitude and sass, non stop talking, and random unexplainable crying. I don't know whether to fear the teenage years or pray that all emotions will be gone from all the crying that happens over wanting to do things herself.

+ Oliver is 1. I now have two toddlers. And one is much crazier than the other. Actually, I take that back. Ellie is crazy emotional and Oliver is a crazy explorer. He puts anything and everything into his mouth, opens all cupboards and drawers, senses open doors and baby gates and will cheetah crawl his way to it (seriously, he's too fast) and never closes his mouth. But, he loves his sister, books,  and laughs a lot. It's awesome and tiring. 

+ Nick is in nursing school. It's actually quite nice, despite the mass amounts of homework and studying. He no longer works the awful night shift at the hospital, is awake during the day (!), and gets to have dinner with us almost every night!

+ I drink coffee now. Okay, I did before BUT I have advanced from frappuchinos-only, to mochas, and now to lattes and straight coffee with creamer. We have a coffee maker in our kitchen that gets used a lot. What's next?!

+ Toddler dance classes are adorable. Watching a bunch of toddlers in leotards jump around a room is pretty darn cute. It's even more cute when your daughter is an expert leaper. Just watch.

+ I can't stop reading. Technically I'm listening because you have to have something productive to do when your commute is 25 minutes both ways, right? I've been on a WWII kick lately. Ruta Sepetys' books, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly are a few of my recent favorites.

I did, however, decide to take a break and am FINALLY starting the Harry Potter series. I've watched the movies, but never read the books. I know. I'm getting on it!

+ I can't stand Facebook and social media right now. I'm not getting political on here, but every side and then some is being shoved into my face and I'm done.

+ I can stand LuLaRoe. I absolutely love their clothes. The leggings are like wearing clouds all day and the shirts are all pretty flattering - which is a big selling point when you are a mom fighting the terrible post-2 kids body. The only problem is that it's so expensive! I can only justify buying one thing every few months so I don't go broke. But I want them all!! 

+ Each month I post a joke of the month on my bulletin board outside of the music room. Enjoy this one from last year: