Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a... ROAD TRIP!

I meant to post this DAYS ago, but life got too busy and whatnot.  Better late than never, right?

Well, it's almost time to head out for our road trip.  Yay!  I'm pretty excited.  You want to know why?

(1) We're going to Zion National Park.  Nick's favorite place and I'm pretty excited to go see why he loves it so much.


(2) The weather forecast looks amazing for the week (technically 3 1/2 days, but whatever).

I think this means that I'll get to frolic around in red dirt with my shorts and Tevas.  WHAT?! 
Ah, yes.  It's not Hawaii, but I'd take warm weather over overcast mediocre weather right about now.

Our trip is going to call for some serious driving though.  12 hours the first day, 7 hours the second day.  Vice versa on the way back.  You can probably guess-timate an extra couple of hours for my pregnant body to pee.

This also means that we'll have to make some caffeine stops. 

Probably stop for some...
Orange Mocha Frappuccinos!
Our first day we're stopping in southern Idaho, second day will be in Zion.  Camp for a few days and then it's on the road again to stop in Eastern Oregon and maybe a pit stop on the second day to visit the in-laws.  Surprise!

I'm hoping it's going to be really fun.  We're camping, but we're taking all of our comfortable car camping gear instead of our lightweight backpacking gear.   We're also planning on hiking each day we're there and hanging out by the fire.  Mmm, can you taste the roasted marshmallows yet?

We also have a pretty fun car jam playlist we've been building.  Know what's on it?  Well, to name a few, Thrift Shop, Lonely Island, Punch Brothers, Flight of the Conchords, and some Justin Timberlake. That's just a few...

Anyways.  You won't see any blog posts next week and you probably won't hear from me.  Maybe on Instagram (thank you new iPhone!), but don't count on it too much. 

Have a great week everyone!  See you in April!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Tuesday: 17 weeks!

Whew!  I thought this whole pregnancy would take forever (the first month really seemed like it), but it is really flying by.  I mean, 17 weeks already?!  Sheesh!  Next thing you know we'll have the gender figured out and I'll be loading up on baby clothes!

How far along?:  17 weeks today.  Woohoo!  Almost about time to find out what this little thing is.  You may start placing your bets now.  I'm secretly hoping it's a boy, but shhhh.

Symptoms:  I had heartburn pretty bad a few weeks ago.  It was almost an everyday thing for a week.  It's not so bad now, just very occasionally.  I have, however, been having a LOT of headaches.  For the past week and a half or so I've had a headache EVERY.  DAY.  It's awful.  Sure it flutters in and out.  I keep thinking of reasons for it, but each time it doesn't cure it that fast.  I've read that it's really common, especially if you had quite a few headaches pre-pregnancy (which I have).  My current theory is that I need to do some sort of cardio activity each day.  This is mostly because I don't get very good sleep at night.  I actually haven't in quite a while.  Even if it's not, we'll just say it's that.  It makes me workout, ha. 
I've also had a lot of gas.  Just thought you should know that little tidbit too.  Can't make this whole pregnancy all fun and pretty, right?

Food:  I still haven't had any serious cravings.  I wonder if/when it will hit me?  I mean, if I'm at the store and something looks really good I'll buy it, but I haven't had any "OH MY GOSH, WHERE ARE MY PICKLES AND ICE CREAM?" moments yet.  Think they'll come?

Belly/body:  I think I'm starting to show a little bit now.  My hairdresser (who didn't know) said that I looked a little pregnant now.  What do you think?  I still have to choose my wardrobe carefully because it can easily look like fat (to me).  I'm thinking in about two weeks or so I'll really look like it.

Baby:  As big as a turnip apparently.  That's what my app says.  Waiting until the next appointment to find out more!!

Excitements:  (1)  I'm CONVINCED that I felt the baby move around.  Twice, actually.  The first time it happened it was about a week and a half ago.  I stood up and all of a sudden felt a little flutter in my lower stomach area.  It definitely wasn't any gas bubbles (trust me) and I don't think I ate any butterflies.  The second time it happened was actually over the weekend.  I was driving the car and felt the same feeling again.  Of course when the feeling happens it's pretty quick and doesn't happen again. Go figure, right?  Nick is actually a little jealous.  He wants to feel it pretty badly.  What a cute husband I have!

(2) I just started our registry and we have... two things on there.  I need to do some more research.   It's so overwhelming!  At least I know what kind of stroller I want (BOB, please), the bottles I want, and a few other goodies.  It's so nice to know fellow mommies who have similar views on things as you.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sick Friday.

I think I'm getting sick.

It was bound to happen though.  I've been hanging out with a 4 year old who has had a cough all week.  Have I mentioned that when she wipes her nose with a tissue, she grabs the tissue and just drags it from her nose to her forehead.  It's very funny, but very gross all at once.  She'll get there someday...

I've also been snuggling with a semi-sick 3 month old as well about twice a week.  It's so hard not to.

But, can I first just state how awful it is being sick while pregnant?  Have I mentioned that before?  The only thing I can take is Tylenol and cough drops.

So, in response to my imminent sickness I wanted to share with you what makes me feel better when I'm feeling sick and not so great and can't take Nyquil or any other cold dulling drugs.

1.  Smoothies. We try to have smoothies everyday, but of course we slack sometimes.  It makes you feel good even when you're not sick. 
When I'm sick though, I like to load up my smoothie with oranges and extra spinach.  Here's to lots of yummy vitamins!

2.  Tea.  Especially with honey.  I love tea.  I love that I can have it when I'm pregnant.  I also love what honey, especially GOOD honey, can do to a tea.  I'm thinking lemon tea will do some good today.  Time to go start my teapot.

3.  A cozy couch with warm blankets.  This is me.  While I write this.  All I want when I'm sick is to melt onto the couch, with a nice and warm blanket, the things listed above, and my computer or a good movie.  That's all I need and I will just lay there forever.  Or until my bladder yells at me for drinking too much tea/water.

4.  Time wasters.  The only way to get through a sickness is to waste your time away.  I mean, it's not like I want to be productive or am even going to be productive, so why bother?  That's why my computer is so nice to me when I'm sick.  I can waste my life away on great websites, like the newest found time waster: Buzzfeed (thanks to Angi).  And Twitter.  And Pinterest.  And everything else you could think of. 

Don't think I'm all about pointless and mindless time wasters.  I do enjoy reading, watching movies, and playing video games.  Ok, video games aren't really any better, but you get the idea.  Anything to take my mind off of the fact that I'm actually sick. 

So, today I'm going to make myself some warm tea and melt onto the couch.  Until, of course, I have to go pick up Nick from work and go make dinner for some family members.  It's a good thing I'm only partially sick right now.  I better start drinking my orange juice...

PS.  Here's some nice time wasters to help you waste your Friday away with me.

Such as these videos:

 Hahaha.  Rice a Roni.  A serious meal.

 I love Nick Offerman.

And all of these.