Thursday, March 14, 2013

Storytime: The Chipmunk

Back in 2009, when Nick and I were in our first year of dating, we went on lots of hikes.  Okay, we still do.

One hike that we went on with his family was pretty memorable.

We went out on the Burroughs Mountain trail around Mt. Rainier.  If you ever plan on hiking around Rainier I highly recommend this trail.  It brings you up close and personal with the mountain.  Pretty amazing.

Anyways, we set off on the hike and made it to the top where there is a pretty amazing viewpoint of Mt. Rainier, in your face, and ate some lunch.

While up at the top, eating our food, we had a little visitor.  I think he goes up there frequently because he did not care that we were there.

Nick's dad was fortunate to be the first person the chipmunk came up to.  Might have been because he had food.

He's the only one who fed him

 Seriously though, this chipmunk was pretty adventurous.

I didn't even have food for it.  It just came to me.

And this is when it happened.

It was so adventurous that when it hopped over to Nick, or scurried ... whatever, it thought he had food in his hand and proceeded to bite him!

And for some other crazy reason, I was taking a picture of him right when it happened!

Nothing happened, though.  We shooed the chipmunk away and Nick never contracted rabies or any other kind of disease.  It was pretty crazy though.

Never trust chipmunks.   Or squirrels.


  1. That is hilarious!!! I can't believe you got such an awesome picture of Nick being bitten by a chipmunk...haha. He must get fed a lot by hikers!

  2. Omg this is friggin hysterical! Thank you for making my day!

  3. hahah this is awesome. and i so agree esp. about squirrels! we once had a baby one in our apt. back in college. it had somehow made its way through our heater!


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