Wednesday, March 13, 2013


That is what I want to be when I grow up.

I would love to have our child (and future children, yes) and work out our finances in way so that I can be a stay-at-home mom.

I would love to teach our children ourselves.  Teach them what we want to them know in a way that I know will be fulfilling and educational.  Teach them about God and being an individual person.

I would love to watch our children grow little by little everyday.  Witness every new laugh, funny face, word, sound, etc. etc.

I would love to avoid some of the daycares that are around here.  After working in one, I am scared to bring my child to one.   I know that not all are bad, but it does worry me a lot.

I would also love to avoid spending an arm and a leg on daycare when I could do the same thing myself for our children.

I would love be a housewife to my hardworking husband.

I would love to think that I would get so much done (house-wise and craft-wise) if I was a SAHM.

But, I would love to pay off all of our loans sooner rather than later.

But, I would love to put my college degree to use at least a little bit.

But, I would love to buy a house someday in the very near future.

But, I would love to be able to help my husband in helping us grow financially.

But, I would love to take our family on fun vacations with the money we save up.

But, I would love to save up for our children's futures (and education if that be the case).

Although with our current situation I don't think we could live off of one income.  Nick has two jobs that he loves, but they don't exactly pay enough for us to afford everything we currently afford. 

Maybe it will work out someday and maybe things will just come together. 

But for now, I'll live with the idea and hope that I can just work part-time somewhere and be with our baby the other part of my time. 

I'll be a part-time mommy.


  1. I second everything you said. And although I'm not pregnant, I can relate to every piece of this and know my thoughts will echo yours when we do end up having little kiddlings! :)

  2. I can definitely agree with you on just about all of this!!! I don't think we'll ever have enough money for me to be able to stay at home forever after we start having kids (especially not in Alaska) but I'm hoping I can just work part-time, maybe even work from home or something.

    What's your degree??

  3. Ohh Alyson how I hear you there. I would love to just stay at home, but the income just doesn't work out. :( We made the same decision for financial reasons too. It takes a really long time to pay off debt and build savings on just one income. Part time work is kindof the best of both worlds. I love it.

  4. It kills me every single day, that I am not a stay at home mom! My heart hurts. I hate it! Hopefully soon I will be able to go down to part time. We are thinking in the next couple of months I can start working 3 tens. Then I am still considered full time and we can keep insurance. I am so glad that at least my mom has Hayes during the day, but frankly I want it to be me!

  5. We are working on paying off debt so that I can be a stay at home Mom in the future. I think your logic is great! :)

  6. I'm having this exact same convo...actually I could have written this entire post. It's a big decision between want and being financially smart.

  7. I agree. I'd love to stay home with my future kids someday but I don't know how it would work financially.

  8. Sometimes I feel like the only woman who really likes working, and I really couldn't imagine being a stay at home mom. Maybe that will change when I am a mom, but I don't think I would like the isolation of being home all day with just my kid.

  9. Amen, sister! Being a SAHM is my dream. My mom did it with me and I am so grateful, but also because I was a PAINFULLY shy kid who hated being around most other kids, so my mom knew I couldn't make it in day care ;) But still, that's what I want to do for my kids. At this point, I have no idea what would happen if I got pregnant. No way we could survive on one income at the moment, but we're praying God provides by the time we have kids. And I'll pray the same for you! I'm sure you'll be able to stay home someday :)

  10. It's exactly for this reason that Angel's in grad school right now. Thankfully at the moment we have some time to plan and prepare....though I'm suspicious that I tend to think kids are cheaper than perhaps they really are. Then again, I come from a really big I'm very comfortable with the idea of going without in order to make things work. And in a few months I will have my cosmetology license so that whenever necessary I CAN work. But like you, I'd prefer to stay home.


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