Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Monday.

I miss Instagram.  My iPod Touch camera died.  It won't open or work or anything.  It's awful.  That's why, if you follow me on Instagram, I haven't posted anything in ages.  Except my most recent one because that deserved the extra work to post a photo from my camera.  I'm hoping Nick and I can figure out some way to get a cheap data plan so we can get some smartphones.  Why can't they have smartphones without data plans?!  All I want is the access to the apps with wifi, but I don't want to pay so much for data.

I hate headaches.  Last week was headache week for me.  I don't know if it's really pregnancy related or not, but it sucks.  I think I originally had it from not eating enough food and then I got another one because of little sleep because of said headache.  I need to find some home remedies for headaches because I hate taking Tylenol while pregnant.

I do have a lavender-mint essential oil stick that you rub on the back of your head/neck and it really does help if you catch the headache at the very beginning because it dulls it, but later on it just dulls it.  Anybody have any home remedies that work?

The lavender-mint stick I have.

We decided where we're going on our road trip!  Want to know where to?  Well, you'll just have to wait until next week.  Hahaha.  No, but really.  I want to tell you all about it in a blog post, so you'll have to wait until I write it.

I signed up for a gym membership!  I finally did it.  I found a new gym in town that has a monthly fee of $20 a month (for the premium package).  Of course they had a joining fee, but it was marked down to $1 for the month as a special.  WOOHOO!  Here's to a fit pregnancy!

I really try to do workouts at home.  Keyword: try.  Usually just core workouts because I can get cardio by going for a walk or the gym.  It's been a little tough lately.  Mostly because of working 12 hours a day, but I do have some breaks during the week and I really need to get my butt to the gym those days.  I can easily do core stuff at my job.

My favorite at-home core workout so far.

I said it on Instagram, but I want to say it again.  I love the people I've met on this blog.  They rule.  It's so much fun making long distance friends (and some not-so long) and sharing our thoughts.  Can I just show you all how talented Angi is?  Because... she made this adorable baby hat for our future baby!

I LOVE the color and luckily we're having our baby in fall, so this hat will get a LOT of use!

Happy Monday everybody.

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  1. I'm SO SO SO happy you love the hat!!! I looooved making it for you, so much I wanted to make a thousand more things...haha. Don't be surprised if you get more stuff. ;)

    Regarding headaches...I get them a LOT. Like...a LOT. And I don't have a good prescription or anything, and 90% of the time Advil/Aspirin doesn't work. Usually I do something like that stick you have - something soothing smelling. The other thing I do is use either a heating pad or an ice pack on the back of my head (or wherever it hurts), depending on the headache. Sometimes heat is better, sometimes ice is better. Also, I'll ask Isaiah to rub my neck/head when I have a headache. Maybe Nick can try that for you - that usually helps a lot, especially if he uses some kind of salve like that one you have (I have a different one but it's the same idea).

  2. rumor is you can use smart phones with Virgin Mobile - pay by month plans, $35-45/mo

  3. Is your membership at Planet Fitness, if so I love that place! :)

  4. That hat is so cute! Way to go Angi. It was so fun running into you the other day, even if it was all little awkward, I am always so weird when I meet people for the first time! haha. So where did you get the membership to? I have heard of a bunch of people going to anytime fitness but I think they are more expensive. I really need to find a gym that I can drop Hayes off and he can play while I work out.


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