Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Tuesday: 17 weeks!

Whew!  I thought this whole pregnancy would take forever (the first month really seemed like it), but it is really flying by.  I mean, 17 weeks already?!  Sheesh!  Next thing you know we'll have the gender figured out and I'll be loading up on baby clothes!

How far along?:  17 weeks today.  Woohoo!  Almost about time to find out what this little thing is.  You may start placing your bets now.  I'm secretly hoping it's a boy, but shhhh.

Symptoms:  I had heartburn pretty bad a few weeks ago.  It was almost an everyday thing for a week.  It's not so bad now, just very occasionally.  I have, however, been having a LOT of headaches.  For the past week and a half or so I've had a headache EVERY.  DAY.  It's awful.  Sure it flutters in and out.  I keep thinking of reasons for it, but each time it doesn't cure it that fast.  I've read that it's really common, especially if you had quite a few headaches pre-pregnancy (which I have).  My current theory is that I need to do some sort of cardio activity each day.  This is mostly because I don't get very good sleep at night.  I actually haven't in quite a while.  Even if it's not, we'll just say it's that.  It makes me workout, ha. 
I've also had a lot of gas.  Just thought you should know that little tidbit too.  Can't make this whole pregnancy all fun and pretty, right?

Food:  I still haven't had any serious cravings.  I wonder if/when it will hit me?  I mean, if I'm at the store and something looks really good I'll buy it, but I haven't had any "OH MY GOSH, WHERE ARE MY PICKLES AND ICE CREAM?" moments yet.  Think they'll come?

Belly/body:  I think I'm starting to show a little bit now.  My hairdresser (who didn't know) said that I looked a little pregnant now.  What do you think?  I still have to choose my wardrobe carefully because it can easily look like fat (to me).  I'm thinking in about two weeks or so I'll really look like it.

Baby:  As big as a turnip apparently.  That's what my app says.  Waiting until the next appointment to find out more!!

Excitements:  (1)  I'm CONVINCED that I felt the baby move around.  Twice, actually.  The first time it happened it was about a week and a half ago.  I stood up and all of a sudden felt a little flutter in my lower stomach area.  It definitely wasn't any gas bubbles (trust me) and I don't think I ate any butterflies.  The second time it happened was actually over the weekend.  I was driving the car and felt the same feeling again.  Of course when the feeling happens it's pretty quick and doesn't happen again. Go figure, right?  Nick is actually a little jealous.  He wants to feel it pretty badly.  What a cute husband I have!

(2) I just started our registry and we have... two things on there.  I need to do some more research.   It's so overwhelming!  At least I know what kind of stroller I want (BOB, please), the bottles I want, and a few other goodies.  It's so nice to know fellow mommies who have similar views on things as you.


  1. I can't believe it's already been 17 weeks! Time really does fly.
    I never had any weird cravings with my pregnancy.. I mean, there were times where I was like "Man, I want some Cheez-Its right this very second" but no weird combinations ha ha.
    So excited for you! I am guessing it's a boy :D

  2. I'm so excited for you to find out whether it's a boy or a girl!!! Then I'll better know what colors of yarn to use...muahaha.

  3. You definitely felt the baby move! Those flutters are the most precious thing when you realize it's BABY! I am voting boy!!! Can't wait to find out!!!!!


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