The name is Alison.

I’m married (you’ll hear him referred to as Nick) and in my upper-20s. Yikes, that feels weird to say. 
We live in the awesome state of Washington. 

We met in college, graduated (he has two degrees in music and I have a teaching certificate), got married, and now we've added a third to our family.

She is the best thing in our life.  I know every parent says that, but it's 100% true and the 29 hour labor was so worth it.

Nick and I share a love for hiking, backpacking and music.  However, he is a crazy mountain man and you’ll hear all about his adventures and my nasty worrying wart.

This blog is not a fashion blog, home blog, DIY blog, or any one type of blog.  I may write and share rants, random hodge-podges, travel stories, recipes, crafts, and current happenings in our lives. 

You never know what could happen.  Just sayin’.

You can read all about our little love story if you oh so desire:

Our Wedding:

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