Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Wedding [6]: Reception, part 2

Welcome back to our wedding series!  Please read part 1part 2part 3,  part 4and part 5 if you haven't yet.

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The plan for our cake was to have Nick's grandmother bake it for us.  She did Nick's parents' wedding cake and when I mentioned that it would be really cool to have her make ours, she joyfully accepted!

She lives in the Portland area and unfortunately she wasn't able to come up sooner to make the cake here and there was no way a cake would make the drive from Portland to Yakima (about a 3 1/2 hour drive).  So instead she found an awesome bakery in town (Essencia Bakery) and ordered our dream cake!  The bottom layer was dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and the top layer was vanilla/coconut cake with strawberries as the filling.  The bottom layer was awesome and we will be eating the top layer in just one week!

The Band
The band was amazing.  We hired a band that our friends put together in college.  They're called Afro Panda and they are an electronic band with extremely talented musicians.

 Matt on keyboard/keytar, Nathan on drums, and Isaac on bass.  My husband even got out his sax and played a tune with them!

I would highly recommend checking out their website and listening to some tunes.  They are awesome!

Our first dance was to a beautiful Count Basie tune - Li'l DarlinClick the link to hear it on youtube.


After our first dance I had my father-daughter dance.  I love my dad.  We danced to the tune Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.

After those two we had the band do their own original tunes.  
We had so much fun dancing at our reception.  We even had a dancing line at one point, a can-can, and just an overall fun time!  I'll just sum it up by posting a few pictures of the dancing.

The Garter and the Bouquet
Of course we had the typical garter and bouquet toss.  I don't really have to explain this, but I'll just show you in pictures!

The Getaway
We wanted something fun to do for our getaway.  I've seen sparklers done, but it's also kind of scary.  It was evening time as well and bubbles wouldn't really be seen.  We ended up thinking of a great idea for having everyone through those pop-its on the ground as we walk to our car.

So Nick and I got a little more comfortable (I changed) and we went out to our car.  It was so much fun!  We actually ended up kind of running because it was actually a little scary having all those pops at your feet (someone lined the walkway with a bunch of those pop-its for us to step on!)

Nick's groomsmen decorated our car (and bikes) for us and we drove off to our hotel for the night!

We actually ended up forgetting our stuff in my mom's car so we drove back about 20 min. later to pick it up.  Oops!

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  1. The reception looked like quite the party! Everyone looks so incredibly happy in every picture, and I love the light in all the pictures. Beautiful, girl. =)

    My favorite might be your grand exit, so unique!


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