Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 reasons for summer


10 reasons why I love summer:

1.  Backpacking.  Summer is the best time for backpacking.  You get to unplug, take all the essentials with you and just jump into nature.  It really is one of the greatest things.

2.  Swimming.  I don't mean swimming in pools (while that's nice), but definitely swimming in lakes and oceans (although swimming in the ocean up here can be a little too cold).  I love jumping into a refreshing lake on a hot day.  It's so relaxing!

3.  Being barefoot anytime.  I love going barefoot.  Walking on grass barefooted (is that even a word?) is just....good for the soul.

4.  Ice cream.  It's the only time of year where eating ice cream is considered "normal" (my husband thinks I'm crazy when I eat ice cream in the winter time).

5.  Camping.  Camp fires.  Smores.  Star gazing.  Need I say more?!

6.  It's easier to be active in the summer!  At least for me it is.  You can just jump outside and go for a walk or run, go to the park, go for a bike ride, swim at the lake, rollerblade, etc. 

7.  The beach.  It's just not the same in the wintertime.

8.  BBQs.  The smell, the tastes, the fun.

9.  Lemonade.  It just tastes so much better in the summertime.

10.  Sunbathing.  Who doesn't love sitting outside while reading a book and soaking up some rays?

 What do you love about summer?

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  1. Girl, you are brave for swimming in anything but a pool, I just can't do it.

    Love your list!

    I'm going to be hosting the Tuesday10 link up on my blog next week and I hope you join in :)


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