Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Backpacking: Ancient Lakes, WA

One of the things my husband and I love to do together is to go backpacking.  I have yet to blog about this. Sad huh?

As a kick-off to backpacking season (okay, maybe a month after backpacking season started), I've decided to blog about our first backpacking trip that we took together.  This is the first trip we took alone actually.  We took one with family before this one.

It was spring break at school and we wanted to do something fun and exciting.  It wasn't quite backpacking season, but we actually ended up finding a nice backpacking trail close to us (on the east side of the mountains).

Ancient Lakes near Quincy, WA
March 25 - 26, 2009

We packed all of our gear (I'll talk about our gear some day in the near future) and put the trail head in the GPS.

We thought this trip was going to be a good backpacking trip, but it actually ended up being 2 miles to the camping areas and the entire trail was flat. Still a good winter backpacking trip in a way.
Left: our campsite!    Right: Campsite footwear - true Washingtonians!

Anyways, we hiked for 2 miles and got to the lakes and wandered around looking for the ultimate campsite. 
Since it was still technically winter time there was only one other camper there so the choices were pretty endless.
View from the campsite

We stayed for 2 days and 1 night altogether, but I think we could have been totally fine doing just a simple day trip.

The area was beautiful but there is only about one days worth of hiking and exploring to be done (which we took full advantage of, exploring the ridges around the lakes for hours) before we ran out of things to do.  

Unfortunately since the lakes are so easy to get to there is a bit of pollution and graffiti scattered around the lakes.  Seriously?!

There were beautiful waterfalls in the area and although it is a beautiful area (especially in the spring time I hear), it is/was a one-time trip for us.


  1. What a cool hobby for y'all to share! =) I'd love to know more about it...I know nothing about WA. I would be terrified to do a back-packing trip or camping trip is SC. Snakes & bears! & Mosquitoes! Are those not issues where y'all are?

  2. OK so I am a little creeped out right now. So I was typing in your web address on the top to come to your page, because I had to erase all of my favorites at work. Anyways so I typed in this by accident.
    So now I am trying to figure out why someone would have that as their web address. Devine intervention? I haven't had as close of relationship with God as I would like to lately. Hmm. Does that seem creepy to you at all?
    Anyway, that looks like fun. I enjoy hiking but I am way too out of shape to through a backpack into that mix. haha

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    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily


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