Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

If you follow me on Pinterest I'm terribly sorry for going pin-crazy this past week. 

Seriously.  I think I have found a million things that I want to do and, just like this picture says...

Oh well.  

Here are some of my favorite pins so far!  Enjoy and share some of yours!

I LOVE this dress.  It's so cute and the color is fabulous.

This became so true after graduating college.  I have read so many books!

I think this may be one of my next projects.
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

21 absolute worst things in the world.  All so true.
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Take me here, please.

I want this for my future kids.  My husband also wants it for himself.
Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Mod podge a bunch of pictures onto a foam board.  Yes!

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