Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Wedding [5]: Reception, part 1

Welcome back to our wedding series!  Please read part 1part 2part 3,  and part 4 if you haven't yet.

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It's now time for the best part!  The reception was so much fun.  It was all DIY (even the food) and oh so wonderful!

The tables were decorated with white tablecloths and a lavender table runner.  Then we had some small candles (with brown and lavender ribbons glued on to them), a little explanation of our "guestbook project", the buckets of flowers, and pens and paper for the guestbook.

My mom and I found, out of nowhere, a huge collection of silver buckets at Goodwill.  It was total luck finding them!  They were in all sorts of sizes.

We spray painted them brown and added some lavender colored ribbon around them.  Then we went a bought out all the cute purple flowers we could and planted flowers in all of them.  After the reception I told our close family members to each take a bucket with them.  It was nice giving something away to our family and friends!

 I don't have any good shots of the tables (sorry!), but you can kind of get an idea from these photos.

Instead of a guestbook I decided to have everyone take a piece of paper and write/draw anything they wanted to for us.
We collected them in a cute vase and I put them in a cute little booklet.

 We got some really fun pages.  Some cute kid drawings, some funny wishes, cute drawings and some beautiful wishes.

Photo line.
I found this fun idea online when I was wedding idea hunting and fell in love with it.  I printed about 200 pictures (thanks to an awesome deal at Snapfish) and got some clothespins from the dollar store and hung them on a piece of string.

I liked having a bunch of photos of us from our relationship for everyone to enjoy and look at.

As a favor for everyone, I designed a bookmark to give out.  We still have a million of these.

Introducing... the new Mr. and Mrs.!
The entrance was lined with some white Christmas lights wrapped around the railings.

We walked down to the song Ode to a Butterfly by Nickel Creek

All of the food was homemade by friends and family.

We had potato salad (grandma's recipe), baked beans, wraps (turkey, greek, and chicken salad), and a nice fruit salad. 
While it sounds super difficult and stressful, it was actually not too bad.  We had a LOT of help from family and friends (cutting up fruit and potatoes, making wraps, etc.).  We also chose recipes that we knew we could make mass quantities of and still be sane afterwards.  There was a picnic-y theme behind the food.

As far as the drinks go, we had lemonade, sweet tea, and water. Fit the picnic theme pretty well.
My step-dad refilling the sweet tea

A few people gave speeches and they were beautiful speeches.  Thank you!

Best man, D

Maid of Honor, C


My mother

My best friend, T

We didn't have any alcohol at our wedding, but we did have sparkling cider (my favorite!).

to be continued...

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