Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Wedding [2]: Bridal Party

Welcome back to part 2 of our wedding!  You can check out part one if you're new here

<----- Part 2: The Bridal Party ----->

We loved our bridal party.  They were all so awesome in each way.  No "bridesmaid-zillas" here!  Or "groomsmen-zillas" for that matter.

We had 5 of each and that was perfect.

My step-mom made all the grooms their vests (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and they turned out fabulous.

Did I mention before that we chose the colors chocolate and lavender? Well, while idea hunting I loved the way lavender looked with some of the decor and why not choose chocolate to go with it?  Also, our first idea for a theme was a rustic look anyways so that was perfect!

The bridesmaids' dresses were found at a quite wedding boutique in Bellevue, WA after hunting for quite some time.  I really wanted to find a simple dark brown dress at an inexpensive store that would work for all the girls (my sister is 5'11 and Emi is about 5') and wasn't above the knee.

Well, that was actually really difficult to find (even after hunting online at so many places).  Why?  I'll never know.

Anyways, they turned out really cute.  They are a thin chocolate layer on top with lavender satin (I think) underneath (kind of like a slip).  You'll see them better in the next post!

I just want to introduce you to each of them because they hold a place so near and dear to our hearts.

The Girls

My maid of honor and best friend: Christin
My younger (and much taller, though the picture doesn't show that she's 5' 11 and I'm 5' 6) sister: Emily
My good friend: Allison
My best friend (who is now in Japan [sad!]): Emi
My awesome sister-in-law: Sarah

The Guys

Best man: David
Childhood friend: Brian
Musician buddy: Ben
One of our great friends: Birkin

Not pictured: my brother (to be discussed in the next post.  dun dun dunnn!)

Come back next week for part 3: The Photoshoot!

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  1. Oh, what store did you get your dresses from?? My boyfriend and I are FINALLY getting close to the alter, and I'm always looking for ideas here in the Seattle area!


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