Thursday, May 24, 2012

Car rack!

Last week we got our brand new Thule car rack!

Nick works at REI and they have awesome pro-deals.  We snagged one on a car rack for our car (85% off!) because seriously, what kind of outdoorsy people are we if we don't have a car rack?!

Anyways, it was super exciting!

My man in action!

After a few stressful and frustrating long hours we finally got our car rack up!

Let me just say, that putting up a car rack is so frustrating!  There are two sets of instructions that you have to follow at the same time and you have to have precise measurements.  Ah!

Isn't it beautiful?!  

Once we got it up we HAD to try it out.  Luckily for us, the PNW was on a really warm weather streak so we got to take out our little canoe for a ride.

I'm so glad my husband knows how to tie knots and put up this canoe.

We finally got to the lake (after taking the back roads there, just in case the canoe decided that it didn't want to be up there, but hey!  It worked out just fine!).

Yes, my husband is a dork.

It was so beautiful!  I think we're planning on going out to the lake to canoe around again this weekend (if it's nice out).  We're hoping to someday in the near future to acquire a double kayak.  Until then, our little canoe will do.

Do you canoe or kayak?

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