Thursday, June 21, 2012


Linking up with Saige Wisdom today for some obsessions!  She's having an Etsy giveaway right now for all those that linkup so go and linkup!


{1}  DIY Projects/Ideas
I have been pinning, and keep pinning, like crazy.   I love a good DIY project.  Now, doing it is a whole different story.  Although, I did just complete this project.   Some homemade laundry detergent!  I'm also working on a project a little like this right now.

{2} Microsoft Word and Excel
I have a plethora of spreadsheets and word documents.  I have a spreadsheet for all the books I've been reading, my massive wedding planning, the children's books I've collected, our budget, etc. etc.  As far as word documents go, well, we'll get into that craziness some other day.  Ha!

{3} Cheesy, but awesome, jazz tunes.
Have I ever told you that our getaway song was an awesomely cheesy jazz tune that we like to jam out to?  Yeah.  I love an awesome groovy song.  Sometimes jazz ones (especially smooth jazz) are really good for just head bobbin' around the house. 
 This was our getaway song.  Oh yeah.

{4} This chalkboard.  
It is adorable.  I'd love to have a chalkboard of my favorite state (Washington of course)!  Oh the fun we'd have with chalkboard...
Chalkboard (Any) State Map


{5} The Office
 I have been re-watching it.  It's just, so much fun.  Even if you watch it over and over again, the episodes are still funny and just as great.

{6} Blogging
I have about 75843902 blogs on my Google Reader and I tend to read most of them.  I spend waaay too much time reading blogs, but it's so hard not reading them.  They are all so good!


  1. #6, thank god i'm not the only one! and hurray for the office! :) .....we actually walked back up the aisle at our wedding to the theme song..*nerds*...

  2. that song is AWESOME! haha my husband looked over with a wtf expression as I just blasted it... so fun (& funny).
    so the teacher wants a chalkboard eh? big surprise - kidding. that chalkboard is all sorts of cool and I see why you're pining over it.
    thanks SO much for linking up and introducing me to your sweet blog.

  3. That chalk board is fantastic!

    I so relate to the obsession with excel and word!!


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