Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here I am

Actually, that should probably say here we am. are.

Here we are.  Baby boy and my gigantic belly circa 33 weeks.  And today, the struggle is real. 

Ever since dinnertime I've had intense pressure down in the pelvic area.  It is hard.  What's even more difficult is having to deal with it while having a 2 year old running around.  Thankfully she isn't too much of a handful all the time and we live in a house with my grandparents who are such an awesome support system.  More on that a different day.

The second time around has been so different than the first.  I feel like I'm diving into the uncomfortable stage headfirst, while with Ellie I didn't really get there until the last few weeks.  Maybe it's a boy thing and maybe it's a weird second child thing.  I don't know, but this little man loves to do acrobatics in there and push the heartburn button all day long.

So tonight I have decided to put off my maternity-leave sub planning and bounce on my yoga ball.  Yoga balls are amazing when you're pregnant.  I still haven't used it for anything BUT.  Maybe I'll play a video game... am I the only one who still does that?

The second time around may be a little more difficult because I'm teaching.  Teaching music to antsy kindergartners is so hard while 30+ weeks pregnant.  I want to play with them and be crazy, but my body says "sit down woman!"  I hate sitting while teaching.

Also, Nick has taken a whole career change.  He has become a certified nursing assistant and is getting experience at a nursing home/rehabilitation center with terrible hours.  2-10 is such a terrible shift.  Not to mention that he's taking 2-3 classes a quarter for pre-requisites because he's applying to PA schools in the spring/summer.  He's decided to go back to school to become a physician assistant mostly because of a great opportunity that arose.  Life is busy and a little stressful.  Thankfully he's now applying for hospital jobs with the goal of working only day or night shift.  No more evening shift.  Hallelujah.

Somehow with all of this going on I've been able to do some serious reading.  It has been awesome.  I just finished Gone Girl on audiobook and it was so intense and so good (be warned, it's a little graphic).  But, really, I could have had a different ending...

I also had a chance to read the Life of Pi (pretty awesome), Coming Clean (incredibly interesting and well-written), We Are Called to Rise (good), Orphan Train (very good), and The Fault in Our Stars (cheesy and an easy read).  

Other than Ellie turning 2 and becoming this talking machine (she says 'yes' to everything instead of 'uh-huh' or 'yeah'.  We've trained her well. Ha) that's all that's going on in our lives.  So, how are you?


  1. Note to self: Do not take a teaching job when 33 weeks pregnant. Or ever, because I'd be a crummy teacher, but especially not when 33 weeks pregnant. ;)

    It sounds miserable...but you're doing a great job!!! I can't believe Ellie is already TWO, honestly. I still remember your blog posts from when you were pregnant with her! Crazy. I'm so excited to see her baby brother and hear what name you guys picked out and all that fun stuff!!

    And congrats again to Nick on the career change - and major props to you for staying strong through weird shifts and evenings alone and all that jazz. I can 110% relate right now, it's hard learning to adjust to a new "normal". Some days are great...some days you want to tear your hair out. And I'm sure all that is magnified with a kid(s)!

    I'm glad to hear you liked Orphan Train - and I had the same thoughts and more about The Fault in Our Stars. (In a nutshell, I thought it was dumb and I cannot relate to all these girls who "bawled their way through it." Maybe I'm just an unsentimental b---- haha)

  2. I'm always so impressed by people that have more than one kid and still function. I think when I'm pregnant with #2 I'm going to hire myself a nanny. Parker's pretty independent, but I'm going to need someone to make me snacks every 15 minutes.

    That's exciting about Nick's career change!

    And how is Ellie two? I remember when she was born! I can't wait for this little dude to show up. Boys are the bomb!


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