Saturday, January 16, 2016

Life x2

Life with two kids is a whole 'nother beast.  I thought just one was crazy and exhausting.  I also thought I'd never give into the whole TV thing.  Let me tell you, when you're trying to put a 2 month old to sleep and the 2 year old sister is being noisy... you play an episode of something just for a little peace and ease.  It's also such a great relaxing activity when all you want to do is melt into the couch at the end of the day, but bedtime is still an hour away.  Yes.  I've become a TV allowing mom.  At least my daughter is watching educational shows.  Little Einsteins is probably the best.  And Super Why.  She's even started learning her alphabet sounds! Yes, we have a child genius on our hands. Ok, maybe not, but at least she'll be somewhat ready for preschool.

Speaking of preschool, we're thinking of doing it next year.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!  We're potty training right now (60% success rate right now and going on day 7) and we're talking about gymnastics class in the summer and preschool in the fall  *cue mommy sobs and grown-up baby wails* 

But really, preschool is expensive.  I could buy two round trip tickets to Hawaii for the price of preschool.  Ellie needs some good socializing though.  That's our only reason for putting her in preschool this next year and not the year after.  Somehow we created a book-loving introvert.  Well, hyuk hyuk, the acorn doesn't fall very far from the tree. So it makes complete sense.  But, we're pretty set on making sure that she at least has the chance to not be a super introvert.  Only slightly introverted.  We'll see.  Oliver may just take over for her and be the crazy one. 

Oliver is adorable and so much different than Ellie.  He has the cutest smiles and coos.  Ellie didn't smile as much as he did at this age or at least I'm pretty sure she didn't.  Seriously, everything just blends together because it's all a phase and then that turns into another phase.  The whole first year is a blur and just a phase.  It's hard to remember most of Ellie's first year.  Even Oliver's first few weeks are starting to blur together.

Oliver is taking a bottle like a champ, growing into 6 month clothes (thanks to his long bodied relatives), and sleeping better than his sister.  He only wakes up, on average, twice a night.  It's a miracle!  Ellie woke up at least 3-4 times.  It drove me crazy.  Bonus: I can get both kids nap at the same time in the middle of the day.  It's pure mommy bliss and I love it.

I get the chance to binge-watch something (before I head to work in a month), read a book, or...SLEEP!  I've seriously enjoyed reading some good books (check out my goodreads) and watching some new shows.  The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime) was an awesome show and now Mozart in the Jungle is winning me over.  I love the silly musician puns.  I may have watched the Office and Parks and Rec all over again.  Totes awesome sauce.

Now I need to put in time to exercise.  Post-natal body is killing me.  I forgot how terrible and annoying it is to wait for the jell-o stomach to become "normal" and the stretch marks to not feel like weird ripples.  Also, that c-section scar is killing me.  I did a 15 minute Pilates workout and my wound hurt afterwards.  Ugh. AND shopping afterwards is amazing and terrible all at once.  I may have bought 2 pairs of yoga pants just so I didn't have to wear uncomfortable jeans.  Maternity jeans sag like no other and pre-pregnancy jeans won't button.  What an awkward time.  /endrant

I think it's time I left to eat my 2nd dinner.  Breastfeeding stomach is 10 times bigger than pregnant stomach. True story.  At least I get to eat whatever and not worry about it not liking me.


  1. Ugh, you let your kid(s) watch television? You're totally ruining them for life, you know. (KIDDING) Book-loving introverts, unite! You go, Ellie. Haha.

    I completely binge watched Man in the High Castle and I am utterly DYING for season 2. Like, I think about it way more than is probably healthy (probably because my mom let us watch t.v. when we were kids). I just started Mozart in the Jungle too and I'm quickly becoming obsessed with that as well. I miss playing classical and I miss playing in an orchestra. *tears*

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's stomach got worse after baby! The sleep deprivation sweet tooth is the WORST.


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