Thursday, July 25, 2013

What time is it? It's baby time!

No, don't get excited.  She's still growing and getting bigger.  Yay and ouch all at once. 

I'm sure you all want a nice baby update.  I don't even know when I did my last baby update.  Too long ago.

Weeks:  34!  What?!  September 4th is coming waaayyy too fast.

Baby:  She is great.  Moving like crazy and almost CONSTANTLY pushing on my ribs.  They hurt at least 30 times a day.

Nick has decided that her name will be Lucy instead of Ellie.  He claims that he gave in at a moment of weakness, but I'm still set on Ellie.  Although, I do like them both quite a bit and I keep going back and forth in my head (don't tell him... I can't give in that easily).  Maybe we'll know when she comes out.  If not, she's Ellie.  End of story.

Side story:  My 5-year-old cousin likes to keep saying: "but what if it's a boy?".  It drives me crazy because she's said it at least 6 different times and each time I think, what if she's right?!  I'm waiting for this baby to come out as a boy and her to say, "I told you!"  Not really.  I want a girl.  I don't want to search for new clothes.


My body:  My belly button is on the verge of popping out.  See in the picture?  That's not even OUT.  I know you all are dying to know this, but it is driving me crazy.  Every other week I notice it and the space is noticeably smaller and smaller.  I'm not looking forward to having an innie.  Thank goodness that it goes back in after birth.

Can I also just mention how much I dislike stretchmarks?  I know they'll go away and I'm not going to do anything drastic to try and get rid of them, but my mom never got them so I was SURE I wasn't going to get them because we've been pretty similar so far.  But did I get those nice genes?  Nope.  I should've known though.  I mean, I got stretchmarks in high school just from growing.  At least I know that they'll fade to my skin color and not be so noticeably purple.

Also, I finally bought a cheap-o Claires ring for my semi-swollen fingers.  They aren't that swollen, but my rings weren't fitting that well.

Everything else:  I had my shower a few weeks ago and it was very fun.  I think my registries got lost or something, however, because only a few things I got were from them.  Everything else was clothes, clothes, and a couple other odds and ends.  At least Nick and I have been putting money aside in separate account for this very reason and we live in a pretty awesome county with many awesome baby consignment stores.

I only have one more week left for work (WOOHOO) and so you will get more updates and fun baby-type posts before she gets here.  I'll even share my loot with you.

Until then, enjoy this amazing craigslist ad.  I wish everyone sold things like this.  I want to buy this van just because it was written so wittingly well.  Just accept my new word and say "written wittingly well" ten times fast.


  1. Look at that baby belly!!! It's tripled in size since the last picture! (Still just as adorable.)

    I love the name Lucy. I love Ellie too, though. I think either one sounds like the perfect name for your baby girl!!

    I can't wait for more updates and HOLYCRAP are you seriously due in barely over a month!!!?

  2. You look so great!!! :) Love it!

  3. The "But what if it's a boy?" cracks me up! That would definitely be a surprise. I'm pretty sure that doesn't really happen though.

  4. The bit about your little cousin saying "But what if it's a boy" made me chuckle. I was good friends with my doctor and she asked if I wanted to see the sex early, of course I said yes, and it was a girl! A couple weeks later.. my girl was a girl no more. I had a boy!

  5. 34 weeks!?! You're so close!

    I think it's so funny when you register for all sorts of cool stuff and people just get you all sorts of random things. :p


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