Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take a step back

Whew!  Life has finally slowed down. Now I can actually DO things that I've been putting off for ages. 

Let's just take a brief moment to catch up on life.

1.  We moved out of our old place (cleaned it and everything) and now live in a little studio at my grandparent's house. 

2.  I just finished my job 2 weeks ago and won't be working for the next few months.  MONTHS.  How weird is that?  Although, it isn't that weird if you're a teacher.

3.  Miss Ellie is now head down (she wasn't for awhile) and I think just about ready to come out.  We'll see when she decides is the right time to grace the world with her presence.  Personally, I wouldn't mind if it happened a week before the due date.  I'm ready for my body to be somewhat "normal" again.

4.  On the same note as her, this week marks number 37.  I actually had to check the app on my phone because I did not remember how far along I was when Nick asked me (I thought 36).  This means that I'm now FULL-TERM and there are only 3 WEEKS left until her supposedly due date.  We'll just see about that...

Someday we'll get some photos NOT on an iphone...

5.  Nick is incredibly ready for this little girl to come out while I'm still sitting here reading and researching everything I can about everything I think I need to know about having a little one.  He's too calm right now.  I need to learn his ways.

6.  Now my time is being taken up by trying to finish little projects, start new projects, and organize for my little girl! 

I'll make sure you all know when she gets here.  And I'll try not to wait an entire MONTH to do so.


  1. YOU BETTER let us know when you have her!!! If I need to give you my phone number so you can text me, I will! ;) (Not that a blog friend should be top of the list for notification of your baby's birth, LOL!)

    You're such a cute pregnant person. Not everyone is so lucky.

    I'm glad life has slowed down a bit for you! I can't imagine being crazy busy when you're that far along, you need a few weeks to RELAX before you can't anymore! ;)

  2. I agree with Angi! Blog friends text group. Although, I do think we should be at the top of your notification list :)

  3. You look so beautiful!!!! :)

  4. Glad you've gotten all moved and are starting to get projects done! These last few weeks are going to fly by, or at least it will seem like it later ha ha. So excited for you!!

  5. Oh man, I didn't realize, you're due at almost the exact time as my best friend. She only has two weeks left though, and she's totally in the stage of: "no more pregnancy would be nice now."

  6. OH I can't wait to see what she looks like! Hurry up little girl!


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