Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Toys, toys, toys!

I'm sitting here trying to relax and do absolutely nothing. 

This little girl (or my body) decided that this last weekend was a good time to practice contractions and put us on edge.  Therefore, since we had a first moment, we've been trying everything to get this little girl out!  Nick is incredibly anxious which, in turn, makes me super anxious.  It's very difficult to be calm and anxious all at once.  

The only thing we haven't tried is doing nothing.  I was told today by two wonderful women that I should probably just sit back and relax because that may be the one thing to help my body along right now.

So, that is what I'm doing.  Trying to not be anxious and relax my mind.

While I'm not trying to be super anxious, I can at least be excited for it all, right?

I know I'm not holding a babe in my arms, nor am I using these items, but I have to share with you some of the things I have that I am incredibly excited to use as a parent.  I'll let you know later on what my favorites are.  I'm sure they'll change.

1.  BOB stroller
I am most excited about this.  Not only is it a cool looking stroller, but it allows you to take your kid on gravel or dirt paths, is incredibly light when you are pushing it, and is awesome for jogging.  I'm almost tempted to try it right now without a baby.  Almost...


2.  Sound machine
Nick and I are pretty stoked about this one because it has a port for our iPod.  This means that WE don't have to listen to the same three cheesy classical tunes played by a terrible midi sound and Ellie will be able to expand her horizons with some awesome music chosen by her parents.  It also has about five nature sounds that are pretty sweet, too.

3.  Nosefrida
This is one of those "are you serious?" items that I saw in action and had to have.  I mean, who isn't excited to suck snot out of their child's nose?

This lady is excited.
4.  Sleepsacks
These are just fun.  Since you can't put a blanket over your baby, these sleepsacks make it so they're warm, snug, and swaddled.  Plus, some kids don't like to be swaddled so you can keep their arms out so they don't feel constrained.

This picture kind of cracks me up.

5.  Boba
There are way, way, way too many baby carriers out there.  This is the one that I found that works for infants and older AND weighs about a pound less than most of the other ones.  Plus, it's not super complicated like a moby wrap, which is just a long piece of stretchy fabric.

6.  Shoes
I absolutely love baby shoes (and always have).  They are tiny and adorable.  Most of the time they are incredibly expensive (for the really cute/nice ones), but I managed to acquire many shoes through second hand stores or people for a tiny fraction of the original price.  And, most babies don't wear shoes that often or long enough to wear them down.  Score!
Baby Toms?!  Oh yes.  A gift, second hand.

7. Cloth diapers
Okay.  I may be a little nervous to try these out because I have 3 different types to try (maybe I'll talk about their success or failure later on), BUT I am pretty excited because if they work I will have some serious money and environment saving going on in my house.  Plus, they look incredibly cute.


  1. I love how eager you are with all the baby stuff. I bet taking that stroller for a jog would induce labour ;)

    I love the baby Toms! Baby girl's already cooler than 90% of the babies out there.

  2. BABY SHOES!! Absolutely the best. I drool over them all the time too.

    I can't wait to hear all about your cloth diapering experience, since we plan on doing the same thing!!

  3. Baby Toms! So cute! Can't wait for the big reveal of little one!


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