Friday, October 17, 2014

What's Trending?

1.  DIY hairstyling... with food.

This one brought to you by jam.
2.  Animals noises.  Including, but not limited to: dog, cat, lion, bear, snake, cow, horse, duck, and chicken.

3.  DIY books.  Now before you think we're all Pinterest-y over here, we're talking about books that make you do things.  Like pull tabs, play hide and seek, feel the page, etc.  Her current favorites are Where's Spot and What's Behind There?

4.  Books in general.  She is my little bookworm.

5.  Curls.  I love them.  I hope they stick.  Or at least stick enough for her to have a little curl here and there.

6.  Crawling on all four.  Yes, she is a crawling machine.  I still can't get over the way she flails her arms out when she crawls, though.

7.  Walking.  Okay, she's not walking on her own, but she loves walking while you hold her hands and she loves pulling up onto things and walking around the couch, table, etc.

8.  Stair climbing.  Who needs a stair master?

9.  Shoes and socks.  Not just saying them, but putting them on and taking them off, and putting them on and taking them off, and putting them on....


  1. So cute! I'm nervous and excited for the crawling stage!


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