Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Mommy Moment

I learned my lesson.

I, Alison, had my mommy moment.  The one that makes you shake your head and vow to never repeat it.

Here's what happened:

We decided to go out to dinner.  Now, normally, I bring our big diaper bag and I only use two things out of it.  This even includes the trips where we go out around town and come back home 2 hours later.  I hardly ever use it.  So, I decided that since Ellie was just changed (and rarely goes during dinnertime) and we'd only be gone for an hour at the most, I would put a few things in my purse to make life easier.  I only grabbed the wipes (for nasty eating fingers), a few eating necessities, and a toy to keep her occupied if we needed to.

Dinner started out great.  We sat down, Ellie started coloring and was flirting with everyone around, and we all ordered our dinner.  Well, just after we got our food, guess who decided to start going the big #2.  No, not Nick. 

It should be known that our daughter does not take pooping lightly.  It's a full-on, and LOUD, grunting, groaning, moaning, sighing, red-faced moment.  I immediately started shaking my head. 

Nick, oblivious, just said, "it's fine.  We'll change her." 
To which I said, "No, I forgot to pack a diaper!"

So, Ellie continues on for about 10 minutes.  A little longer than normal.  But, I also figured that maybe she'd be okay.  We'd just eat fast and rush home.  She never usually complains about a dirty diaper.  HA!

She was looking uninterested in eating and wanted to get up.  That's when I knew she had to be changed, somehow.

Normally her B.Ms are pretty solid.  I figured I could clean her up a bit and then flush things down the toilet and she could sit in her mostly clean diaper for another 15 minutes (until we got home).  Plus, the diaper wasn't wet, just dirty.

I take her to the bathroom and what do you know.  NO CHANGING TABLE. Not the first time this has happened, mind you.  Well, Ellie's jacket had two layers to it.  So I decide to layer out one layer for her head and one for her bottom - to make up for the fact that there is no changing table and I also don't have a changing pad.  I open her diaper and there is a mass of gross-ness.  To shorten the story and make less gruesome for you all, it was runny and massive.  Leaked on her coat.

I wasn't going to use the diaper again.  So, I cleaned her up with all the toilet paper and wipes I had, wrapped the gross diaper (note: we use cloth diapers) in the gross jacket, and put her pants back on.  Yes, I made my daughter go commando.

We put the other half of the jacket under her seat just in case she wet herself.  At least it wouldn't get everything else gross.

We asked for the check and what do you know, the power went out.  Of course this happened after I said, "Well, is there anything else you want to throw at us tonight?"

Luckily, someone knew how to work an old card scanner so we were able to dodge out of there with our diaper-less and mess-free baby.

Luckily, she also decided to wet herself in the car with the jacket underneath.  No major mess and easy clean up at home.

All this to say that that was not my best mommy moment.  I'm not perfect.  And, now I know to not leave without a diaper.  Just one would have sufficed.


  1. Wow. What a night! I'm surprised the restaurant didn't have a changing table. Kudos to you for keeping calm and improvising!

  2. This destroyed me. I couldn't stop laughing. Poop is always traumatizing but always SO FUNNY afterwards.

    You deserve an award for this. I'm not even kidding.

    PS I love your Ellie stories, posts, and especially the pictures. That face!


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