Tuesday, October 22, 2013


1.  Settlers of Catan never gets old.  Even when you play it once a week (sometimes twice).

2.  I birthed a girl.  This means that I may have to one day be with her when she births her first child.

3.  My posts are in lists these days.  It's just more fun.

4.  While marrying a musician is quite fun (especially for Ellie who gets to listen to him), it can really be a drag when he is busy during the day for work and at night for music stuff.  Even more so right now because he is recording an album.  We miss him.

5.  When you are extremely tired and frustrated because your child won't sleep, but she decides it is time to be very happy and smiley, it is very hard to be upset anymore.

6.  My pride gets in the way of help sometimes.  I don't want to wake up Nick to help because he needs his sleep, but sometimes I just need to elbow him to change the diaper at 3 a.m. for my sanity's sake.

7.  Nick and I don't really celebrate Halloween and we didn't plan on doing too much with our kids, but when there is an adorable costume at the second-hand store, it's kind of hard to pass up.  I know it's terrible, but it's so much fun to dress up babies!  Just wait until we show you the elephant costume her great-grandma got her.  That will come once she can actually fit into it.

8.  I am incredibly picky when it comes to blog designs.  I have been playing with different ideas for way too long.  I need to just pick one and go with it.  Or change my layout every month like Angi did...hah!

9.  Living in a small space (think small studio) means that clutter builds up really fast. This drives me crazy faster than normal. I try really hard to ignore it, but sometimes sleep deprivation and my need to organize get in the way and I just have to get frustrated. It's a terrible never ending battle.

10.  Since we've become parents, we now cheer for poop and gas and work on getting our baby to pass gas and poop. We sit with her for 10+ minutes trying to get one or two little farts out and it's wonderful.


  1. SUCH a cute costume!! And shoot...who says it has to be for Halloween? Looks like a cozy winter outfit to me. ;)

    I vote just change your layout every few weeks. It's fun, and it's something fun to do, and then I won't feel so weird. ;)

  2. She makes a cute giraffe! I'm all for non-halloween costumes! After all, I have the husband who parades around dressed like a bear randomly...

  3. That costume is so cute! I love it. :)

  4. Lists are so much easier when you're a new mama! (Even the 2nd time around here!) Makes it easy to be sahornd wito the point. Imagine how funny it would sound without numbers haha. Maybe not. Maybe that's just the tired in me talking! ha. Ohh goodness it's amazing the things we cheer for as parents. too funny. Who thought a bodily function could be the cause of such celebration?? (Um, raising my hand here because hello- sleep is awesome!!!!And no happy baby=no luck there!)I'm digging your new design! I love it! Love the bird!!

  5. Baby costumes are the cutest!

  6. That little costume is absolutely adorable! She is just precious :D
    I remember how excited I would get when my son would pass gas, especially after he was a little grumpy.


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