Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rainy Thursday

You know what the books don't really talk about?  Growth spurts.  They mention them here and there and let you know when they may occur, but they don't talk about what may occur during said growth spurts.  This includes a very hungry baby, which may lead to less sleep.  SURPRISE!

I honestly don't really know if she's having a growth spurt, but it's nice to put a label on these kinds of moments.  Like when she decides to get upset 5 seconds after being in a really good mood.  Sometimes it's just nice to say "oh, she's hungry" or "she's probably just tired".  It just sounds better than saying "I'm going to try different things and see which one it is that she needs", especially when she just ate and you are pretty sure it isn't because of that (even though it is).

Speaking of eating, breastfeeding is quite fun. I love bonding with her that way. You get to cuddle, clean out all the lint gathered in her tiny long fingers, and just stare at her while thinking about how amazing God is for allowing us to create this beautiful baby. Plus, it's kind of empowering to know that you are the one who can always stop her from crying  with a simple breast. Go women!

It is nice to have my full stomach back, too. Even though I have to eat more now and sometimes at a faster rate because she won't sleep.
On that note, you should try this recipe. It's sweet potato kale pasta and it tastes like macaroni and cheese. It's amazing and I foresee myself using this to trick my kids later in life. Anything to help, right?

Now if I could only trick her into sleeping more. Sometimes that would be nice because right now, as I write this, it is 5:00 (she went to bed at 11 and woke up once already) and she is wide awake. Someone should tell her that it's bedtime not let's-be-cute-and-smiley time. She makes it so hard to be upset sometimes. That's probably a good thing...

Oh babies.

Obligatory baby picture


  1. She seriously has the sweetest face! :)

  2. If she disappears, it was me. Just sayin'. ;)


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