Sunday, January 4, 2015

Currently...on a Sunday

Reading :: J: A Novel, by Howard Jacobson.  It's my Blogging for Books book.  Different than what I usually read, but I think I'm slowly starting to get the hang of the writing and style.  Should be quite the adventure.

Watching ::  The Holiday.  I'm watching it now because (1) my husband is off having fun playing music and rock climbing and (2) we didn't really watch any Christmas-y movies this year. Very sad.  The days just slipped away.  And Mad Men is just the right amount of time between Ellie's bedtime and our brain's bedtime.

Listening to :: The purr of the baby monitor, which is absolutely wonderful when your teething and slightly-feverish daughter is sleeping.  

Thinking :: About the mass amounts of chocolate I still have sitting around since school got out.  Apparently all teachers love chocolate and coffee because that's what was being handed out by all the kiddos.  Alright, alright, it's probably true.

Smelling :: Nothing.  Nothing is baking, nothing is cooking, nothing is burning.  Just normal house smells.  I would love to smell some Starbucks in my hands, though.

Eating :: Tapioca pudding.  Yum.  I used to think it was for old people.  Or maybe this is a sign that I'm getting old.... 

Wishing :: For a little of bit snow to fall down instead of puddles of rain.  Ellie had an awesome time at the mountain New Year's Day.  It would be so awesome to recreate that fun in our own yard instead of driving an hour both ways.

Wearing :: a maxi skirt and sweatshirt.  One of the best outfits for being comfortable while still looking like you dressed up.

Loving :: Into the Woods.  We saw it after Christmas and I LOVED it.  I've been listening to the soundtrack lately.  Nick and his family grew up watching the original broadway version and were a little skeptical of the movie, obviously.  BUT, they all liked it and I got to indulge in a pretty sweet musical.  It helps to have new ones every so often to feed my addiction of great musicals.
Hating :: The end of break.  I love these lazy days with Ellie.  Now I'm just looking forward to spring break... only 4 months away!

Creating :: A million things and nothing all at once.  I have been slowly, and I mean S.L.O.W.L.Y, putting together a felt quiet book for Ellie.  That and a cross stitch for her room.  Once again, my time management between watching things and planning for school needs some major improvement.

Wanting :: More outfits.  Why is it that when you go shopping to buy clothes you feel satisfied for awhile and then you start going through your clothes and feel unsatisfied with your wardrobe?  It's such a terrible thing.

A new phone.  I have an iPhone 4 and I think it's time for an upgrade.  Android or Apple?

Needing ::  More and more sleep.  Ellie has been waking up in the middle of the night (probably because of teething) and it's been taking us 30-60 minutes just to get her back to sleep.  Plus, after that she wakes up at 6:30.  I would love to sleep a little longer if she decides to wake us up in the middle of the night!

Feeling :: Comfortable and cold.  I should probably just get un-lazy and grab a blanket for my cold feet.  It's just.. so far away...

Planning :: School, school, and.... more school stuff.  There's too much to plan when you don't have a curriculum.  Here's to the next six months!


  1. I am finally getting back into to reading and it feels good! :)

  2. I have an iPhone 5C. I could never leave Apple at this point. My mom just got a 6 and likes it.
    I also "need" more outfits. I told myself I wasn't buying any new clothes until February,but my birthday is this month so then I feel I should treat myself. I haven't bought any clothes since maybe November?
    It's a problem.

  3. If I were you, I'd stick with Apple. I switched to Android for a short period of time and it was fine and all, but I really missed the simplicity of Apple and I went back to my iPhone. I have the 5S, which is nice...we're due for upgrades so we're both getting the 6 soon.

    I'm interested to hear your review of that book...I've eyed it for several months now on BFB but never was quite interested enough to snag it...


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