Monday, January 26, 2015

Raising a Hipster Baby: Tip #32

As a Washingtonian - more importantly a NW Washingtonian - I feel it's my duty to tell you all how to raise proper hipster babies.

Tip #32:

Listen to hipster baby music.

Your baby doesn't need any of that mainstream "This Old Man" junk.  That's for normal babies.  We're raising original and unique children here.  What your baby needs are artists like: Charlie Hope, Raffi, Frances England, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

These artists provide a new and refreshing sound for your babies.  Soon, they will be dawning flannel shirts, beards, wide-rim glasses, and a love of all locally sourced craft beer.

One way of doing this: set up a Pandora station with Raffi and Charlie Hope.   I add a little Jack Johnson (children's), but that's just to add a little variety to the mix.  It provides a nice break for the ears.

You will probably come across a few popular tunes like: Old MacDonald Had a... nope.  Thumbs it down.  You don't need that poisoning your child with pop-y sounds and high-pitched kid voices.  That's so '90s.

This is what you want:


These artists will make you a happy and satisfied parent while ensuring a future for your child in local brewing (both coffee and beer).


  1. THIS. All of this. Hipsters and their hipster babies UNITE!!

  2. Haha i love it. My kids love Elizabeth Mitchell and Raffi!


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