Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Documentaries 2

I shared with you awhile ago my list of awesome documentaries.  Well, I'm here again to tell you about some more documentaries that I think are top-of-the-line, awesome sauce.  I hope you check at least a couple of them out!

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Another awesome food documentary.  It's mostly about juicing, but it is amazing the things you learn from it.   This man, Joe, is suffering from being overweight and an autoimmune disease.  He decides to fight these problems with, wait for it... his own body!  He vows to go on a 60-day FRESH juice fast (only fruit and vegetable juices) while traveling around the country.  It will teach you a lot about the power of your own body and good food.  It also inspired Nick and I to do a fruit and veggie fast.

Forks over Knives
And yet one more enlightening food documentary.  This one focuses more on the diseases that afflict us and studies that have shown that you (we) can prevent or even reverse them by focusing on our diet.  Nick and I are not vegans, but we do try much harder to eat way more organic vegetables/fruits than meat.  We also try to avoid eating processed food, although I must admit we occasionally splurge.

Bag It
I admit, I wasn't too excited about this documentary, but my grandma said I needed to watch it so I did.  Let me just say that I watched this last week and it scared the poop out of me.  Don't watch it while pregnant.  It's all about plastics.  Where those single-use plastic containers/objects end up.  Where they end up NOT degrading.  And what is in a bunch of baby items.  I HIGHLY recommend this film because it will make you seriously think about what/how you buy.  Also, the guy who did the documentary is extremely dorky... it makes the whole film a little more fun.

Intangible Asset No. 82
If you like music, especially worldly music, you should like this film.  It's not too well-known, but it should be.  It follows a jazz drummer, Simon Barker, who travels to South Korea in order to study with a shaman, Kim Seok-Chul.   I know not everyone will find this interesting, but it is pretty dang awesome to see what some of these Korean musicians do and how Simon incorporates it into his playing.  Nick loves this documentary.

Waiting for Superman
As a teacher, this documentary hits home pretty hard.  It's all about the educational system set up in our country.  Maybe not a good thing.  It's incredibly informative, in a very good way, and will get you thinking about how messed up the educational system is in our country and why.  It may also make you think about your future kids' education as well.

180* South
This is one of Nick's favorite documentaries.  It's about a guy who sets out on an adventure from California to Patagonia, Chile.  He takes a sailboat down there and has quite a bit of mini-adventures along the way.  You get to see the beauty of nature un-tampered with and WHY it's beautiful.  It's also pretty awesome to see how amazing Patagonia is (along with some fun surfing shots).  If you like the outdoors, watch it.  It's pretty fun!

Be prepared to see another one of these soon.  We just watch too many documentaries.  What can I say?  We like to know things.  Ha.


  1. We watched "Waiting For Superman" last summer and it definitely prompted me to think about a few things. There is a great book out there about the Harlem Success Academies if you're interested in that topic!

  2. I love the first 2! Definitely a few of my favorites. I really want to see 180* South, doing something like that would be a total dream "vacation" for me, haha!

  3. I like Forks over Knifes, the other one's I haven't seen. Is that 180 south on netflix do you know? I will have to check them all out :)

  4. I've been wanting to see Superman for awhile now. There is another teaching documentary that I have been meaning to see. It is about 4 First year teachers. I forget the name of it...


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