Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The PNW.

Well, if you didn't already know it, you know that I live in the Pacific Northwest.  Ah, yes.  The PNW.

And you know what else?  I am a true PNW-er.  Want to know how I know, besides actually living in it?  Well, let's look at a few facts.

1.  I don't honk my horn.   When someone cuts me off or does something stupid on the road I somehow forget I have a horn.  I do, however, sometimes wish I would've honked it after the fact.  Nick, who grew up on the east side of the state, is usually there to honk the horn for me.  What would I do without him..

2.  I don't own an air conditioner nor do I ever plan on it.  It gets hot occasionally around here, but it also gets cool enough at night that you can just open the windows to cool the house down.

3.  I drive a Subaru Outback.  Ah yes.  The stereotypical western Washington vehicle of choice.  If you lived in Bellingham you'd see at least 30 cars that look EXACTLY like mine (same color, same year, etc.).

4.  I shop at REI.
  This could mostly be because Nick works there, but before he did it was our go-to store for our outdoor things.  Especially garage sale time.  What other kind of gigantic used sale is going to allow you to find every kind of recreational equipment?   Although, I wish I could shop there more, but sometimes it just costs too much when things aren't on sale.

Yes, we're pretty much wearing the same jacket.  His is just a little nicer than mine, but it's still the same brand.

5.  My husband wears socks and sandals.  He says it's because he has bad circulation in his hands/feet (I believe it), but I can still make fun of him, right?


6.  I enjoy camping and hiking.  Okay, I know not all people around here like camping, but I think the fact that we both like it means that we're living in a good place.  Don't you agree?

So, would you fit in the PNW?  Or am I missing something?


  1. All of these. I make fun of Isaiah for wearing socks and sandals, too. We don't drive a Subaru, but we drive a Jeep. And I literally NEVER honk my horn.

    I think the only one of these that makes me an a-typical PNW gal is the fact that I hate camping, because I hate not having access to a shower. It's just not a pretty sight...haha. Hiking, though? Bring it on.

  2. Fun list!! I never thought about the whole not honking thing but it's true! I am SO not a PNW in that I don't like seafood much at all, especially salmon lol. I need to go to REI's garage sale sometime!! My FIL goes and loves it!

  3. I feel like such a PNW failure. I don't really honk although I have done it more lately. We have central air, and I cool it down in the summer. No Subaru for us, but we head to REI when we are up in the area. No socks and sandals (except sometimes I do) BUT I LOVE me some camping.

    Don't forget the seafood!

  4. dang i always forget to honk til after. and we just don't need AC here.

  5. East side is still the PNW! We're just a little further from the Pacific. :) I think you mean a West-sider. Haha.


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