Friday, June 7, 2013

Things I don't get

1.  How sayings, phrases, and words get to be so popular.  Words like: presh, totes, or lawl.  I know lawl is supposed to be "lol", but why say it?   Or even the saying YOLO.  It just makes me think of the new Lonely Island song.

2.  Couples that go on dates and sit on their phones the ENTIRE time.  I've seen this more than once!  We went out to eat the other day and the couple in the booth next to us came, sat down, whipped out their phones, ordered in record time, and said probably about five things to each other.  AND they even finished before us!  I fear for our children and their future dates... or worse: blind dates!

3.  Toilets that suck so hard they splash you back.  You know what I'm talking about.  The kind they put in tiny stalls so you have to race against the toilet flush to get out of the bathroom door before you get splashed by the water.

4.  This article about parents being fined for their kids being bullies.  It would be good for SOME parents to know that their kid is a bully, but there are quite a bit of bad parents out there that would probably make their kids pretty miserable and want to bully more if they were fined for their child.  Although, I do understand that they aren't just handing them out like candy, but still...
I couldn't resist.

5.  Captcha images for blog comments.  'Nuff said.  Referring back to #1, shouldn't it be 'nough said?

6.  Bikers who don't wear helmets.  This bugs even more now that Nick bikes a lot.  Why do cyclists bike on busy roads, or even roads in general, and not wear helmets?  Did they not learn anything in school?
Michael Scott knows where it's at.


  1. Okay, I did NOT know that Lonely Island had a new song AND Adam Levine was in it. New obsession. (I don't really do celebrity crushes but if I did...)

    I agree with all of these. HATE water-splashing toilets, HATE word abbreviations like totes/preggers/presh (really? do we need to talk baby talk like that?), and am so sick of captchas it's not even funny.

  2. totes drives me crazy!!!!! I can't take it when people say it.

  3. I am giggling about that kitty picture. It drives me nuts when people are on the phone when they should be with someone. (friends, couples etc.) I have a friend who never stops texting other people when we hang out!

  4. I hate those weird abbreviations - presh, totes, yolo.
    I don't understand how couples can be on their phones 24/7 and not interact with each other. That would drive me insane!
    Those types of toilets freak me out! I am also busting out of the stall like my ass is on fire ha ha!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend ♥


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