Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Netflix: Hidden Goodies

I love Netflix.  Actually, ex that.  WE love Netflix.  I even love it on the days that I can't find anything to watch.  This is usually because there are too many things on our instant queue and I'm just being indecisive.

I wanted to serve you all with a PSA (public service announcement, in case you didn't know).

Did you know that there are some things on Netflix besides TV shows that are pretty amazing and fantastic?  Sure, there is also a lot of crap, but can I just share with you some of the lesser known things that we, or just me, have thoroughly enjoyed.

I'll try not to include documentaries because most of the documentaries I've watched, so far, are listed here and here (and can be found on Netflix).


1.  Creature Comforts America.  I HIGHLY recommend this to any comedy fans.  Basically a bunch of people went around the U.S. and interviewed various people about different topics.  The people were then turned into claymation animals and their answers are animated with them.  It's hilarious.  Some of the things people do and say are just... crazy and stupidly funny.  At least watch the talent show episode if you aren't going to watch all of them.

2.  TED Talks.  There are SO many TED talks on Netflix right now.  Any topic you could think of is probably on there.  It's pretty much a bunch of demonstrations and lectures on different topics, inventions, discoveries, etc.  You can learn so much about what new ideas are coming out in the world.  It WILL make you think and probably make you want to be a million times smarter.  Or maybe that's just me.  I suggest checking out the "Artistry and Illusion", "Invention", or "Smart Laughs" ones.


3.  SNL:  The Best of Commerical Parodies.  Some of the best SNL skits are in this collection.  From Dan Akroyd to Andy Samberg.  Watch them. 

4.  The Giant Mechanical Man.  This has been floating around for awhile and I know a few of my blog friends know about it because I learned about it from them, but if you DON'T know about it, it's an extremely good chick-flick.  It's not so overly-cheesy as most and Jenna Fischer is very cute.


5.  Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  A good friend of ours showed us this because he is a big fan.  It's pretty hilarious and it was made by Joss Whedon.  What could go wrong with THAT?  Neil Patrick Harris is pretty adorable as well.  I can't give you anything about what it's about because, well, it's a musical and you'll just have to watch.

There you have it.  Watch some of these and then come back and tell me if you hated them or loved them.  And let me know if there is something else out there that is pretty amazing and not well known.


  1. We love netflix too!! I blogged about some of the great kid shows on it a few months ago! I've only seen Dr. Horrible from your list, so I'll have to check out those other ones!

  2. The Creature Comforts one sounds like something that would suit my sense of humor quite well, I'll have to check it out!

  3. I love the TED talks. I have watched quite a fewq on youtube.

  4. I love Dr Horrible!

    How ironic that you posted this today because while I was at work I decided that, yes, I'm going to bite the bullet and buy Netflix for the summer. Because summer TV isn't great even though we have cable (which is why I've never been able to justify Netflix before).

    I'm so excited. About TV. I'll try not to let that get me too down.

  5. I'm obsessed with Netflix! It's amazing what you can find on there haha.

  6. I love Dr. Horrible!! I've never seen any of the rest though.

  7. How does the instant que work? We just got Netflix and it always asks me if I want to add the show to the instant que, but I have no clue what that is. haha

  8. We love Netflix! They finally got some Disney shows for my son - Jake and the Neverland Pirates - and I am so glad :D


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