Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I've learned in pregnancy {part 2}

It's about time for round two of the things I've learned while being pregnant.  Part one was written about a month ago when I was only, sigh, 23 weeks.  That seems so long ago now...

1.  There are a million different baby items.  Literally.  Millions.  Okay, okay, it's not that difficult to pick out what you want for your child, but it makes things VERY difficult when there are 30 different types of diaper rash cream or baby shampoo.  I just want a good, decent, natural one, but when the reviews are a hodge podge of varying reviews it gets to be a little difficult.  Who would've known, right?

2.  You stink.  It's true.  The massive increase of hormones in your body make you have way more body odor than you may be used to.  I never had a problem with it pre-pregnancy, but now if I don't put on my deodorant I will most likely get nasty b.o.  It will even come when you are doing absolutely nothing all day.  And it won't bug you until you notice it and then it will drive you crazy all day (or at least me).  Nick has even told me a couple times that I smell.  What a nice guy, huh?


3.  Water is amazing.  I wish I owned a pool because I would live in it.  I practically do when I shower because it feels SO good to just be in the water.  Your whole body forgets its pains and aches and everything just feels.. normal.  Ah, to not be pregnant...  I'm planning on living in the bathtub when labor comes.  If I had my way I would be doing a water birth, but insurance just won't cover it.  Stupid.

4.  Your stomach will become a sci-fi movie all on its own.  I can be sitting down while reading a book or blogging and notice from the corner of my the stomach jabs and ripples that she creates.  Sometimes they are just giant waves rolling across my belly.  It was, and still is, the weirdest thing to witness.  I can't quite explain the craziness of seeing your stomach move on its own, but trust me... it's weird.

5.  Everything grows way too fast.  Not only does the baby/stomach grow super fast, but your hair and nails also grow at super speeds.  Shaving becomes incredibly difficult once you can't actually see your legs or feet and at the rate my leg hair grows.. I just go au-natural.  I'm glad I have blonde hair.  Toenail clipping and painting is equally annoying.  You can't just prop your leg on a table and do it.  It doesn't work anymore.  You become a heavily breathing acrobat just trying to clip your baby toe.

We'll just sing this song every time we shave.

6.  Speaking of breathing heavily, that also happens.  It happens WITHOUT ME KNOWING!  Nick has told me many, many times that I'm breathing really hard.  I don't even notice until I start thinking about it.  It's pretty terrible and makes you feel old and lazy to be breathing so hard.  But guess what?  It's normal!

7.  Say goodbye to that wonderful deep, constant sleep.  Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone, but I toss and turn all night.  Lately it's been taking extra long just to FALL asleep because this little girl won't stop kicking me.  I hope she plays soccer.  It makes it worse when you wake up randomly at midnight to change sides, deal with unexpected and terrible heartburn, and/or have another kicking session.  At least this is prep for when she's here, right?

8.  Waiting for the birth day just gets more and more exciting with each new gigantic kick (after the uncomfortableness goes away).  I can't wait until I get to hold this crazy active girl in my arms!


  1. Oh boy, I just can't wait...........hahahah.

  2. Ahahaha. Thank you for not being like other pregnant bloggers. I actually like to read these. Hilarious!

  3. Oh Great. I'm as brunette as they come and if I don't shave--disaster! :P

  4. I want to see the tummy! When are you due again?

  5. Ha! That's so funny that he tells you when you stink. Feel free to blame him for it next time.

    And the sci-fi belly? Hilarious!


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