Monday, June 17, 2013

What's up witchu?

My blog posts have been pretty erratic lately (sorry), and you can be sure to count on continuous erraticness until after miss Ellie gets her butt here.  Or after I take my month off from work.  Probably that one.

Since my posts have been so random, I figured it'd probably be best to do a little "what's up" post.  Just so you all are up to date.

29 weeks.  Apparently she's supposed to grow 1/2 lb. each week.  How will she fit?!

- Pregnancy is starting to get to me.  Do you know how hard it is to sit back and not be able to do anything?  Well, when you are a stubborn Dutch person, like me, and just want to get things done, it is pretty difficult.  I can't lift heavy things so I have to get help with them.  I am noticing a very nice shortness of breath taking over when I try and do too much at once, too.  It would be nice to be able to do a butt load of work all at once without feeling like I just ran 3 miles.  But, alas, I am just ready and excited for this little girl to come out!  I'm not even at 30 weeks yet and I can't wait to meet her.  And see her!  Nick and I are pretty opposite so I have NO idea what our little girl will look like.  The suspense is terrible!

Alright, let's examine this.
My hair is blonde and straight, Nick's is brown and wavy.
My eyes are blue-green, Nick's are light brown.
Nick has huge hands and feet and mine are average.
My face is a little short and pudgy compared to Nicks.
SEE?!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!
Except, we both have pretty long legs.  That could be a given.

- Minus being pregnant, I am getting quite a lot of goodies from my family.  Most of the stuff is hand-me-downs from all of my aunts that have had recent babies (and baby girls).  Have I told you that with all of the clothes I have received already, I have enough to clothe our baby for her first two years of life?!  I am so thankful for this awesome family and for how much they are willing to give and share.

- Nick is super incredibly busy all the time.  He's preparing to climb Mt. Baker again (I'll try and spare you all with my worrying) and his bluegrass band plays at least twice a week around the area.  Therefore, he is busy hiking and playing music.  And working when he's not doing the other two.  I think he's just trying to get all of it out now before the baby gets here because, well, I'm going to need him and so will his daughter.  I told him he has 'til August to get it all out.  His response is to climb Baker AND Rainier this summer.  And possibly Adams.  I can't keep up.
His very fun bluegrass band.

- I have been catching up on some newly acquired TV shows.  Mostly because I'm lazy tired too often now.  But these shows have included Arrested Development and Call the Midwife.  They are both fantastic and have sucked my life away.  Well, Arrested Development has.  Call the Midwife is such a great show, but there's only one season on Netflix.  Figures.


  1. It is really fun to wait and see who kids grow up to look like! My family is almost evenly divided. The four oldest look the same and the three youngest look the same. We almost look like two different families.
    Getting lots of free baby stuff is an awesome blessing! I know I'll be taking whatever stuff people want to give me! Children are a blessing, but also expensive!

  2. You should try those websites where you upload pictures and see what the baby turns out like. The ones I have seen have been hilarious. (It did make one of my pregnant friends super worried and she started crying that her kid was going to be ugly, but that made me laugh even harder. I don't know what that says about me...)

  3. John and I are the same way - I have blond hair his is very dark, I have blue eyes his are brown, I am pretty dang petite and he is stocky and well muscled, I am short he is tall, etc.. I loved seeing what Carson looked like and I love watching him grow up!

  4. Where does his band play? I would love to go watch sometime. When I was pregnant I knew exactly what Hayes would look like. Before I knew he was a boy I had a vivid dream and saw him. The crazy thing is he looks exactly like my dream!

  5. Call the Midwife and Arrested Development!! Those are my shows right now. I'm currently in the Arrested Development hole and loving every minute of it.

    You look adorable! I can't imagine what it's like having a child inside of you 24/7. Whew. No wonder you're exhausted.

  6. You look great!

    Maybe your kids will have square heads and red hair. Wouldn't that be fun?

    I've heard from most of my friends that you don't really need to buy your kids clothes for the first year because of all the gifts you get. Looks like you're doubly lucky! So wonderful.


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