Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ellie's Wishlist

Sure it's only 5 days 'til Christmas, but hey!  Someone has to know what to get Ellie for Christmas. And so, here it is. 

These are the things that Ellie wants for Christmas (she told me):

Toddler "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Kids T-shirt:  RED Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal Tee - Sizes - 2, 3, 4, 5/6 & 7 
She can't fully talk yet, so this shirt will talk for her on Christmas.

Cute Where The Wild Things Are Let The Wild Rumpus Begin Baby Body Suit One Piece Creeper- Pick Your Color. Pick Your Size.
This just explains life.  Need it say anything more?

 3 mini bow headbands - Fuschia and Gold
I haven't put many things in her hair.  It doesn't seem fair compared to all the other babies with huge bows and flowers.  We'll start small then see how we feel.

 Doll-Size Teepee
 Land of Nod
Everybody else is reading and sleeping in adorable teepees.

Yes, she wants this.  Scratch that.  She NEEDS it.  How else will she learn to be a proper housewife?
Okay, okay... I really want this.  WHO WOULDN'T?!

Freshly Picked
 She was never given adorable fringe moccasins.  She's incredibly mad at me for not splurging.

 turtle nerdy crochet 3 x 2.75"  - cute amigurumi sea creature toy - baby toy or decor - baby shower gift
 No explaining here.  She loves turtles, glasses, and all things cute and geeky.
Plus, turtles are one of her daddy's favorite animals.  She can't help but swoon him with a cute turtle of her own.

Baby Toddler Girl's Leggings Christmas Reindeer Print
How else will she stay cute and festive over the holidays?

She doesn't have cool shades like mom and dad.  Lost and found guarantee?  Yes.  We need them.


  1. Um, she NEEDS that first shirt and that play kitchen!! My sister and I had a play kitchen and we loved the heck out of that thing for years.

  2. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! I think our baby needs that next year.

    Babiators? Coolest kid ever. Ellie would look like a superstar in those. She has good taste.

  3. I have the same kitchen on my amazon wishlist! Of course Gracie can't really play with it yet, so I am looking ahead for her birthday. i do love that onesie too!

  4. That first shirt is amazing!


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