Monday, December 22, 2014

Mommy's Wishlist

It's only fitting that I post my own wishlist, right?  Ellie can't have ALL the fun.
I also didn't realize that I went on an Etsy rampage while making this.  But handmade things really are the best.

Crochet Boot Cuffs - Oatmeal with Buttons - Knit Leg Warmer Socks
I don't own any boot cuffs or leg warmers.  This needs to be fixed.

Birds print infinity scarf, spring scarf, bird scarf, print scarf women, loop scarf, mint green scarf
I have a current love of infinity scarves.  A scarf with birds?!  My Portlandia loving heart accepts.

Made to Order 72" Custom Size Art Made to Order Birch tree Aspen Abstract Art painting Birch tree flower Large Modern Painting by OTO 
 I need more art on my walls.

Again, more art!

This is just awesome.  No explanation.

 Womens  Feather Tank Top - American Apparel Racerback Tank Top - XS, Small, Medium, Large
Again, no explanation needed.  It's just cute!

Beverage Pallet Drink Coaster - Coffee Coaster - 4 Coaster Set - Natural Reclaimed Hickory Wood
It should be known that I'm one of THOSE crafters.  I love pallets.  Currently, we don't have pallet-y things, but soon.  Patience my love, patience.

Timber Tower Bookcase
West Elm
times 2, of course.  Actually, I just want more storage space and cute ways to do it!

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