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I was tagged last week by the lovely Mrs. Robinson and I was also tagged by the oh-so-awesome Meg about a month ago (whoops!  Should have done this sooner...) in this fun elevens post.

Here is the deal-io (yo):
  • You must post the rules
  • Post 11 fun facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you & then create 11 questions to ask the people you’ve tagged
  • Tag 11 people and link them in your post
  • Let them know you have tagged them.

Here are my 11 facts about myself (I'm trying to find some good ones that I haven't used before).

1.  I am becoming super addicted to the Punch Brothers' new album.  It's just so good.  I think I listen to it at least 2-3 times a week.  Yikes!

2.  I never drank an alcoholic beverage (besides random sips from my parents) until my sophomore year of college.

3.  I had braces from 5th grade until the beginning of 9th grade.  Head gear and all.  Awesome.

4.  I have never broken a bone in my body.  Knock on wood.

5.  My freshman year of college was the best year of college for me.  We over-decorated our dorm and stayed up way too late many nights.  I wouldn't change it.

6.  I'm not too experimental in the kitchen.  I usually stick to recipes and the little things that I know.  My husband is the one who likes to branch out and just mix things together.  It's awesome.

7.   I have very little tolerance to spicy foods.  My husband is becoming immune to spicy foods.  It doesn't mix well.  Sometimes my food will be bland to him and really spicy to me!

8.   I am a total hopeless snail-mail romantic.  Everyday I check the mail hoping that someone will have sent me mail!  I need a pen-pal.

9.   I'm a little envious of my very good friend who's pregnant.  I can't help it if I get baby fever...

10.  My dream job in high school was to own my own dog kennel with a joint bookstore/coffee shop.  Sometimes I still wish for a dog kennel.

11.  It took me way too long to finish this post.


Mr.C & Me 
Onto Meg's 11 questions:
  1. Who was the hottest/cutest teacher you ever had? 
    That was a little difficult.  I never really found any of my teachers super attractive, but I did have an English teacher who was pretty good looking.
  2. What’s the strangest talent you have? 
    It would probably be the ability to make "farting" noises while rubbing my palms together quickly.  I'm the only person I know that can do it...and I have NO idea why.

  3. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for/in trouble for with your parents?  
    Wow, that is a hard one.  Let me think...it probably had to do with money issues.  Honestly, I can't think of a time off the top of my head, but that last time was probably about money.
  4. Which shoe do you put on first? 
    I think I put on my right shoe first.

  5. What’s your favorite condiment? 
    Butter.  That's a condiment right?  It makes everything taste better.  Okay..not everything, but I do like it on lots of things.  That or ranch.  I used to eat my pizza with ranch in high school.  That was the way to do it! 

  6. What’s the last book you read? 
    I'm currently reading Atonement by Ian McEwan.  My husband highly recommends it and told me to read it.  It's a little tough to read after the Hunger Games, but I think it'll be good!

  7. How long is your typical shower/morning routine? 
    Not including breakfast/making lunch...I'd say around 30-40 minutes.
  8. What do you plan to do for your next birthday? 
    You know, I have no idea.  I haven't thought that far.  Plus, it's just my 24th birthday.  Not too exciting.  Actually, we may go see Esperanza Spalding around my birthday.  It's not for my birthday, but I'm super stoked!

  9. What is your go-to, never fails, always delicious dinner dish you make when you’re cooking for others? 
    You know, I never really cook for others.  My husband really likes to, though.  If I had to make something it would probably be fajitas or a stir-fry.  Those two are super easy and can be pretty awesome if you have some good veggies and other goodies to go with it.
  10. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down? 
    Definitely down, even though I usually do up because it's so easy.  My hair is so boring.  I need to find new ways to do my hair.  Sigh...
  11. If someone gave you $100 right now what would you buy with it? 
    I'd probably buy some new clothes.  Maybe a passport.  I really need to get mine updated.

My New Wife Life  
Mrs. Robinson's questions:

  1. Is your blog on Twitter ~ why or why not? 
    Yes it is!  Well, kind of.  It's my twitter, but I mostly use it for blogging stuff.  Check it out!
  2. Tell us one thing that you where once able to do, but now feel like you're too old to do it or too old to pull it off.
    Well, when my siblings and I were younger (I think the oldest I was was 13) we used to find whatever was around our rooms and available to use and dress up in RIDICULOUS outfits.  I mean, they would consist of wearing a robe with a mocassin on my hand, a duck tied to my head, 10 belts, inside out hat, 8 necklaces around my neck, ankle, and wrist, etc.  You get the idea.  It was awesome.  I don't think I could really do that and show it off to anyone now.  So sad.

  3. What is your most common or favorite day dream? 
    Being a girl it is totally what our life is going to be like when we have a kid.  It's going to be awesome.  Just sayin'.

  4. Do you have any good broken-bones stories?  Tell, tell!
    Haha, no.  I wish I did.  I haven't broken any bones or even sprained anything.  I have had stitches twice.  Once when I was 11 and I fell on the bus and hit my head on a little rail hanging out inside the bus.  Another time when I was 4 and our car got hit on the freeway.  Crazy story.  The car ended up rolling a few times and I flew out of the car and landed in a field.  I still have a scar on my wrist to this day from the glass that got stuck in my wrist.  Also crazy was that the guy that hit us was speeding like a mad man ever since the Canadian border and there was an off-duty cop and nurse nearby.  God was watching us.  No one was seriously injured (my uncle got a broken nose and my dad didn't get hurt).

  5. Name one aspect of yourself that embarrasses you.  For example...I have a HUGE appetite and it embarrasses me, haha.  How 'bout you?
    I haven't admitted this on this blog yet, but I have a slight stutter sometimes.  Usually it happens when I'm really excited or nervous.  I have learned to rephrase my sentences pretty quickly because of it.  It's weird too because it started in middle school, not elementary school.  Oh life.

  6. Do you have any tattoos?  Piercings? 
    I only have my ears pierced.  Nothing else.  I'm pretty boring in that department!

  7. Tell me about your fingernails.... painted?  natural?  are you obsessed with fake nails like I am?  Shellac?
    My fingernails are also very boring.  They are au naturale.  I don't like fingernail polish on my fingers, but I do like my toes looking good!

  8. How is God using you or working in your life right now?
    Right now He is seriously testing my patience at work and in my personal life.  I'll update you on that some other day.  But I am learning/remembering that it's all in His hands and I just need to be more humble.

  9. What is something you should be able to do easily but can't?  (That's a weird question, so I'll elaborate.  I struggle with telling time on a non-digital clock or watch and I also don't know anything about the planets.  I don't know their names or their order or anything about moons....I had a death in the family during the 3rd grade and we had to travel.  I missed those lessons and never took it upon myself to learn/practice those things).
    I can't roll my tongue.  You know how you can roll your Rs..well I can't.  I also can't strum on the guitar.  My wrist just won't relax enough to be able to do it!

  10. What's your go-to breakfast meal?
    Definitely a bowl of cereal or a piece or two of toast with peanut butter or homemade jelly.

  11. What's your favorite way to relax?
    Sitting on the couch with a good movie, ice cream or some sweets, and/or my computer.  I love checking up on blogs and Pinteresting.  That's a way to relax.

My questions:
  1. What's a typical snack for you?
  2. What are you secretly addicted to? (for me it's the internet/Pinterest)
  3. Do you watch the news or read the newspaper?
  4. Is there a place in your house that's just yours?
  5. What's your current music addiction?
  6. Any weird pet peeves?
  7. What's your favorite ethnic food?
  8. How big is your movie collection and what's included?
  9. What's your favorite board game?
  10. Do you like to play video games?  Why/why not?
  11. What's your next DIY project?

I know I'm supposed to tag 11 people, but I'm being a party pooper.  I'm going to invite YOU, the reader, to answer my questions :)

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  1. ha! really enjoyed reading your answers. i'd like to add that i also wore headgear/braces so i feel your pain + i also usually only paint my toesies. for some reason my fingernails look super awkward when painted. and i am so with you on butter as a condiment. a co-worker and i were discussing how we'd die 3 years earlier if we could eat all the butter+salt we wanted w/ no bad consequences lol naughty but delicious day dreams


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