Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Money envelopes

Do you have a certain way you organize your finances?

We have a way that we do ours.

It all comes from Dave Ramsey.  Nick's parents made him read the Total Money Makeover.  If you haven't read any of Dave Ramsey's books, I highly recommend you read them.  I read that book after Nick and it was a total eye opener.  We now pay most things in cash and use an awesome envelope system. 

Well, I wanted to share you this sweet envelope system we have going on and the cute envelopes that I recently made to go with it!

I found this great template for envelopes at Kelleigh Kratslaff Designs.  She has a shop where she has a FREE envelope template.  Check it out here.

I just printed out the template, cut it out and traced it onto each piece of paper that I wanted to use.  I used some pretty heavy card stock so that way my envelopes would last longer through normal wear and tear.

Once it's traced you need to fold on the dotted lines.   Fold the sides in first.

Then fold up the bottom section (it's the side that isn't pointed).  Then glue on the bottom edge onto the side flaps.

That's it!  I attached a little label to all of my envelopes and holed punched the bottom to put on a binder ring.

Ta-da!  That's it.  We now have an envelope for all of our expenses that don't HAVE to be paid online.  Our rent and utilities have to be paid online.  But, our grocery money for each week, internet money, gas money, etc. is all in our handy-dandy envelopes.  

It's so much easier to have a set budget for all of our expenses.  It allows us to save up a lot more a lot quicker. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial and can gain something from it.  Is there a special way that you organize your finances/money?


  1. i keep pushing mr.c to use this method as it works so well but right now i guess it doesn't make since b/c we only use cash for entertainment, groceries, and gas and even then we use a debit card. kinda afraid to have that much cash just "laying around" lol

  2. Yes! I have used the envelope system before (mostly for long term things, like vacations or my future wedding). And I have multiple savings shares at my credit union for specific things... one for gifts, one for gym dues, horse expenses, etc. Works out great!


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