Friday, September 28, 2012

Fill in the Blanks Friday

1.  My first memory is    very hard to think of, but I do have flashbacks of when I was in a car accident at the age of 4.  I remember someone helping me with a washcloth to help my wrist  .

2.  My first love was   not really love.  More like 5th grade "love" plus a few others after that.  Actual, legit, full-on love?  My husband.  Hands down :)

3.  My very first favorite color was   blue. I don't know why, but I never really was a pink girl.  I've warmed up to it nowadays.

4. The first time I really felt like a "grown-up" was when     I had to deal with financial issues at college.  Like paying bills, dealing with groceries, etc.  Nothing like some financial hard times to get you feeling like an adult.

5. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is   go to the bathroom.  Then I definitely brush my teeth because we all know how bad morning breath can be.  Especially if I plan on kissing my husband soon after waking up (he won't let me if I have bad breath).

6. The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc...) I ever bought was    probably N*SYNC, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.  I honestly don't remember, but I'm sure it would've been one of those.

7.  My first car was   a dark green '95 Honda Accord.  Complete with terrible window defrosting.  Seriously.  In the winter you could drive for about 30 minutes before the defroster/defogger would even START working.  Other than that, though, it served it's purpose very well, carting around all of my friends throughout high school .


  1. Blue and green were my favorite colors as a child, too...I was NEVER into pink until...well, really until the last year or so, and even now I don't really wear it much!

  2. Sometimes I STILL don't feel like a grownup. Is that weird?

  3. What a cute link up! I loved reading your answers :D My first cassette tape was Now That's What I Call Music 1. Luckily my Honda had a wonderful defroster.

  4. Nothing like bills to make you feel like a grown up...thanks for sharing!

  5. I would kiss him anyway if I were you. ;)

    (But I tend to be a bit cheeky and a bit of a rule breaker.)


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