Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I wonder why

NPR has an "I Wonder Why" series once a week and I was inspired by that to do one of my own.  Be prepared for some random ramblings.

I wonder why...

Yawning is so infectious.  Seriously.  I was driving and saw a guy yawn in the car next to me and I totally yawned right after.  I wasn't even tired!

Weddings tend to be so expensive.  I understand the need for glamor and perfection, but I don't understand the need to spend $10,000+ on a one day event.  I'm not saying that if you spend/spent a lot on a wedding that you're wasting money, but it's just not me.  Oh well.

People in the U.S. have different accents.  There are accents for every part of the country!  Chicago accents, NY accents, southern accents (even different types of southern accents), California accents, and even Pacific NW accents!  Crazy.

Sexism is such a common unconscious thing.  Someone was showing me how to use a gas grill and he said "but I'm sure Nick knows how to do it".  It's silly because I know how to use a gas grill just as well as, if not better than, Nick.  It's just silly.

Spacing is such an undecided/mixed up thing.  I was taught, since elementary school, to put two spaces (when typing, two finger spaces when writing) after a sentence.   Why is there a weird thing going on where some people say to only put one space, but some say two?!  I'll just stick with my two space habit, thank you!

I keep going through weird blogging ups and downs.  I don't mean writing posts, but, for example, when I see that I've lost a follower I get a little bummed out.  I sit and wonder, "did I write about something wrong?  Maybe I'm too boring?"  BUT, I just have to keep telling myself that the reason for this blog is not to gain followers/readers.  It is cool having lots of followers, but seriously, do they ALL read my blog?  Does it really matter?  As long as I'm writing, it doesn't matter.  I'm writing for me (and the readers that I do have).  Do you go through this, too?

Cartoons have changed so much.  While nannying I get to watch an array of cartoons (the older girls pretty much control the TV when they're home).  Cartoons are crazy/random/silly nowadays!  Whatever happened to the simple Rugrats or Doug cartoons?  Nothing too crazy.  Now, like Adventure Time or the Random Show, etc. are all so random!  Random creatures appearing out of nowhere.  So weird and crazy... and sadly addicting.  This does, however, keep me up-to-date on the latest trends and fads with kids - haha.

Funny Confession Ecard: I just realized I've had the cartoon channel on for the last two hours....... After the kids left.


  1. sexism....HATE it! I work in a mainly male industry and it is EVER present at work. HATE! Cartoons are soooooo different than when we were younger. CRAZY

  2. I saw a science show one time about why yawning is infectious...but now I can't remember what they said about it, haha. The show was Newton's Apple...anybody remember that one?

    I agree with you about the sentence spacing. I tend to be lazy when I'm e-mailing/blogging, but when I'm doing professional writing, it's two spaces!

    And yes. Cartoons these days are utterly ridiculous compared to when we were kids. it just me or are some of them WAY too crude to be geared toward 5-10 year olds!?

  3. wedding are so expensive and after helping my sister plan hers I think it has a bit to do with "fairy tale" day and A LOT to do with companies jacking up the prices when they hear wedding. If I ever get married again - which I won't cause Trev's not allowed to leave me - I'm going to call the event something different so I don't get gouged.
    I love random posts, they're so up my 'I'm all over the place" alley.

  4. I totally just yawned when I saw that picture.

    And I'm the same way about blogging and comments. Same with Twitter! Recently I found this app where you can see who unfollowed you on Twitter and I wish I didn't know about it because it drives me INSANE. I want to email every person and ask WHY.

  5. I love the accent comment. It amazes me how different people sound around the country. I live in Chicago and I am convinced that I don't have an accent, but people from the south tell me I do!


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