Sunday, September 23, 2012

Get Outside Monday #7

Nick and I signed up for a half-marathon.


What have I become?!  If you would've asked me 2 years ago if I wanted to sign up for a half-marathon, I would have laughed at you.

Now?  Well, we're going to be part of an awesome race.

13.1 miles of running next to the ocean.  That's the Birch Bay Marathon.

I don't plan on running the whole thing.  Oh no, I'm not up to that point.  Although, my husband is seriously considering it.  Woohoo for him!  Also, my mom, brother, and possibly sister and future brother-in-law are possibly doing it!!

 My good friend (who will have an almost 3 month old baby by this time) and I are planning on doing it together.  Maybe running a bit and walking the rest or doing a mix of jogging/walking the whole time.  Who knows.  All I know is that I'm really excited.

I also know that this means that I need to train.

Even if I plan on jogging for a few miles, I need to get my body up there because right now I can only stand jogging a little more than two miles at a time.  The marathon isn't until February, but you gotta start planning now!

This Get Outside Monday post is dedicated to some great training plans/workout ideas and maybe even some items I'll be needing.

This is an awesome training plan.  I won't get through all of it (I don't plan on running the whole thing), but I can definitely use this as a starting point.

This website has A LOT of awesome tips and resources for running.  I'll definitely be checking this out.

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Gotta know my stretches.  I hate having tight muscles.  Not one of the best feelings in the world.

Here is my want-list of items for the race!



And some inspiration for me!

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  1. Congrats on signing up! I've run 2 half marathons before, but I haven't run any races in the past few years, though I'm thinking about it for next year. I'd definitely recommend running a few 5k's or even a 10k as practice before your big race. They're a lot of fun and you can get used to running while people are watching you. I'd also recommend checking out Hal Higdon's site. He has a lot of training plans and other info (I know you have a plan already, but his are considered some of the best). It's so exhilirating when you cross the finish line, and it makes all the effort worth it. Good luck!

  2. GO YOU! I have been toying with the idea of a half marathon but IDK. I mean I enjoy running and I enjoy the 5k's and 8K's I have done but IDK if I wanna commit to a half.

  3. Holy wow, kudos to you! Good luck with your training!

  4. Wow that sounds serious! How long do you think it will take you? I'm pretty sure they would have to come pick me up, because it would be dark and I would be crying and I would be at about mile 6! haha. That is awesome though. I thought about signing up to do a 5K but no one ever wants to do it with me :( Heck I'd probably even need to train for a 5K.

  5. That's so cool that you signed up for a half marathon! 13.1 miles is a heck of a lot of running, jogging, walking! I definitely couldn't do it without dying :D
    Good luck on your training!!


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