Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's so cool about Washington anyways?

I'm sure there are some of you out there that are asking that question.  What's so cool about Washington, huh?

Well, I have come today to share with you some of the things that I think make Washington so cool.  I love living in this state.

One.   Seattle.  Okay, this is pretty self-explanatory.  What's better than an beautiful, hipster-filled, big city?  I don't know either. 

 Two.   Jazz Alley.  I love Jazz Alley.  I have been to many shows there and it is one of my favorite venues to see great live shows.  It's not that big and you sit at cozy tables and can order dinner, desserts, and yummy drinks.  My favorite show has definitely been Tower of Power.  What is hip?

Three.   The ocean.  I may not live on the ocean, but I love being able to visit it when I want to.  I know it's not tropical or even sandy in some parts, but hey, you can't complain when you get to see and experience it!

Four.   Lakes.  If you don't like swimming in the ocean (not to mention it's ridiculously cold and I am not an ocean swimmer) then the lakes will be more of use to you.  My favorite place in the world is on a lake.

Five.   Trees.  I can't hide it.  I love living near forests.  I love the green and the critters that live in them.  There's something soothing about trees.

Be prepared for a part two to come soon ;)


  1. Sigh


    I love our state :)

  2. I absolutely love living in Washington (: I love being surrounded by trees and lakes.

  3. Whasington is one state I have never been to but always wanted to visit. Maybe this year will be the year I get out there.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I've always wanted to go to Washington.

  5. i love washington. and i love seattle but i may be biased since i live in seattle.

  6. I love this side MUCH better and it has none of those things. Though it does have trees. The desert has a strange sort of beauty to it though. Also, autumn makes me almost sigh with happiness. Four years in Southern California made me miss it far, far too much!


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