Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You may not know... [2]

I have been sick all week.  It sucks.  Really.

It's really hard to find motivation when your sick.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Our house is a mess (I do blame my husband for this.  He's been known to get into cooking projects and destroy the kitchen in the process.  There have been two of those this week).  I try to clean up while he's cooking, but I usually end up putting something away he still needs.  I usually end up leaving by this point, ha!

On a brighter note, my kitchen pantry is finally getting organized!  *Hallelujah!*  I'm very excited.  When it's completely finally done (which will probably be when I'm done being sick) I'll share some pictures with all y'all.

Now, onto the reason why you're probably reading this post.  Unless you really wanted to hear me rant about being sick and organizing my kitchen...

These posts are super fun and I've been trying to think of some juicy things to put in here.  You'll probably see more of these float around from time to time.  

You may not know...

- I did golf in high school.  It was awesome.  Walking around a beautiful golf course for 9-18 holes with a bunch of girls (and our male coaches) was our practice AND tournaments.  Not to mention that we almost always got out of school early for all of our tournaments.  TO PLAY GOLF IN THE SUN!  I even made it to districts my senior year.  Not too bad considering that a lot of the girls there are way too good for me to play against.

- I'm addicted to Songpop and Words with Friends.  Seriously.

Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: I am concerned that your Words with Friends addiction is interfering with your Facebook addiction.

 - My husband loves beer (brews his own, actually) and I dislike it with a passion.  Something about the taste just isn't me.  Sorry honey.

- I have found a new TV show.  Parenthood.  My friend told me to watch it (she's also addicted to SLAT, like me) and I can't stop watching it!  It's awesome.

 - On the same note, my husband doesn't like drama shows.  He likes shows that are either funny or action/adventure and have a point.  He tried to watch LOST, Parenthood, and other dramas and we failed.  We're moving on to Battlestar Galactica.  I, on the other hand, love cheesy dramas.  Grey's Anatomy (although this season is not looking too promising), Parenthood, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and LOST (when it was on!).

- Sometimes I only shave half my legs.  Usually if I'm in a hurry or extremely lazy, but still want to wear capris or something similar. 

 - When I put headphones in they HAVE to be in the right ear.  Example: right in the right ear, left in the left ear.  I will sit and spend time figuring it out if I have to.  My husband thinks I'm crazy.  Am I the only one?

 - I think a lot of people who have a good experience with a movie when they first watch it will tend to like it a lot even if it's ridiculous and/or not that good.  For example, I watched the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion in high school and I still think it's hilarious.  It may be because when I watched it my friend and I laughed a lot.  I still love that movie, even if it's ridiculously stupid.  As a kid, Rock-a-doodle and We're Back were on my favorite movies list, now they're not that good, but I still love them!


  1. the whole earphones in the right ear thing. Yeah I totally do that too! I seriously shave my legs everyday! I am Italian and that shit grows fast and I hate it!

  2. I LOVE Parenthood! So glad you're watching it!

  3. I can't stand shaving only half my legs...I feel ODD if I do that! Haha.

    But I'm with you on the headphones thing. But then, it might be just habit, because my on-stage headphones at church HAVE to go in the correct ear, or they don't fit properly. ;-)

  4. Don't shave only have your legs!! TRUST ME. I used to do that...and... bad things have happened. Now, when my hair grows back...the hair around my ankles grows in super black and thick, and the rest of my hair is still blonde. It's weird. Haha. Don't do it! :)

    And I LOVEEEEEE Romi & Michelle. :)

  5. I like Parenthood too! And I love the picture of shaving legs, I usually only shave half my legs too :)

  6. I have been a huge fan of Parenthood since the pilot. If I could only watch 1 show a week it'd be Parenthood!

  7. The amount of love I have for posts like this make me feel super nosey. But the whole earphones in the right ear thing?? I'm right there with ya. It just doesn't feel right if they're in the wrong way!

  8. Parenthood...are you watching that on Netflix...I need a new show to watch. I will check it out!


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