Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints

Note: I was given a free product for this post in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own

Nick and I share mostly the same views about what goes on our walls.  I say mostly because he really doesn't like pictures of us on the wall.  While I enjoy a cute couples picture or two or four up there, he thinks it's just silly to look at ourselves all the time.  So, we compromise and I get one or two. (as long as he thinks they're appropriate).

We both, however, agree that anything else that goes up should be something that was made by someone we know (like a canvas print from a good friend).  If not someone we know, then it has to at least be handmade and have a meaning behind it (like a painting we won at an art auction).

So, when Easy Canvas Prints asked if I wanted to do a review of their products I quickly jumped at the opportunity because who doesn't love a beautiful canvas print? Plus, we've been looking for reasons to get more photographs up on our walls and Nick's friend and co-worker, Alex, has some pretty amazing photography skills that we have been admiring.

Their website is incredibly easy to use AND they offer tons of options for how you may want your picture wrapped, mounted, etc. on the canvas itself.  I honestly had no idea there were that many options to choose from.

I ordered my canvas and had it at my door (during the holiday season) within a week and a half.  Not too bad for the holidays and being a print.

I am incredibly pleased with how easy it was to get the canvas and with how beautiful it turned out!

Photograph done by Alex Pollitt
Canvas prints do tend to be a little pricey, like most good things, but they usually have decent deals and they're even doing a great one right now!

Easy Canvas Prints has decided to give you, my reader(s), a coupon code good for half off of all canvas prints PLUS free shipping!  Use the code: 50freeship at checkout Just in time to get all of your cute Christmas card pictures done, right?  Right. 

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  1. It is SO hard to figure out what pictures are worth going up on the wall! Josh is much the same as Nick (Maybe it's a guy thing? :) ) I need to get some more up on our walls! it's hard to figure out what ones though! Love the one you picked!


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