Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Everything comes in threes

Have you ever heard of that saying?  Everything comes in threes? I've heard it quite a few times lately.  Sometimes it seems like everything does happen in threes, but really?  Is that a thing?

Well, whether it does or makes for a great blog post!

3 things that broke last week (the inspiration for this post):
- Nick's saxophone the day before a gig.
- Nick's mandolin (a lot easier to fix than the saxophone)
- Our computer.  It just won't start.  Luckily we both have laptops from our college days that STILL work.

3 of my recent favorite movies:
- Robot and Frank.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it or not, but I saw that it got good reviews on rotten tomatoes (our go-to for movie ratings) so I gave it a shot.  It's pretty fun.  You should check it out on Netflix.

- Europa Report.  A crazy sci-fi film made to look like a documentary about Jupiter's largest moon.  It's pretty crazy and incredibly captivating.

- Lord of the Rings.  Okay okay, it's not recent, but I'm currently watching it and I just had to say it.

3 parenting things you don't think will be difficult (but can be a real pain in the butt):
- Buttons.   Terrible, terrible things.  Especially at night and in the dark.

- Feeding a very happy baby.  She becomes too talkative and smiley to eat.  It's annoyingly cute.

- Babysitters.  It's a battle.  Taking babysitters when they are available, but not overdoing it.  I'm so worried that we're going to take advantage of family members that offer to babysit.  It's also a battle because she has a hard time going to sleep on her own without being nursed to sleep.  We're working on it..

3 things I can't get enough of:
- Baby cuddles.  She squirms too much most of the time to cuddle with me.
- Hanging out with Nick.  He works way too much and has way too many extra activities.
- Great Christmas movies.  The Holiday, White Christmas, Christmas Story... need I continue?

3 things that have taken over my/our minds:
- Cob/straw bale houses.  My grandma had a book about cob housing that she picked up from the library just for fun, and now Nick and I have a whole new outlook on our future.  We are hoping to one day build our own house.  Nick is more adamant about it than I am.  I mean, what man doesn't want to build his own house for his family?  It will also save us a lot of money and we'll get to be eco-friendly.  I'll explain it more someday.

- Nap time.  Ellie refuses to take long naps in her crib.  Nighttime is wonderful because she will sleep in her crib perfectly.  Daytime, however, is a battle because she'll only sleep for small chunks of time and then wake up tired.  UNLESS, she sleeps in her swing.  Then she can sleep for a couple of hours and wake up completely refreshed and happy.

- Christmas.  Of course this is because it is only a week away and I haven't bought half of the gifts I was planning on.  That's the chore for tomorrow (goodie!).  I also JUST sent out our Christmas cards today.  A little late, but oh well.  Anybody want to swap cards??


  1. Everything ALWAYS comes in threes it seems! Including people dying. It's weird.

    Europa Report was trippy! Have you guys seen the latest Hobbit yet?? Dare I say it was better than the first? You won't be disappointed.

    I'm interested to hear more about these cob houses you speak of!

  2. It really is amazing how things come in threes! Darn #3!


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