Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Live blogging: Tuesday

*Yes, I realize Tuesday was yesterday, but I wrote most of this from my phone and it desperately needed to get edited afterwards.  Just bear with me*

I saw this done by Angi and I thought it was a pretty fun idea, especially since I hang out around the house most of the day anyways.  Easy right?  We'll see...

5:41 am: Feeding time. Also, changing diapers in the dark makes you feel like a champion. Who needs night vision goggles?

6:11 am: I had to put her in the swing to sleep. I hate doing that. I want her to just sleep in the crib so we don't have potential issues later. But, I really want to go back to sleep and right now she has gas issues so putting her in the crib means she's going to be fussy and will wake herself up.. I'm selfish and tired. Don't judge me.

6:13 am: Nick's alarm is annoying. It always bugs me because it seems so loud and it might just wake up Ellie. I'll kill him if it ever does.  Love you!

9:53 am: Well, that makes this about 7 hours of sleep tonight. Not too terrible, but I'm going to need a serious nap if I want to survive the rest of the day without being incredibly lazy.

10:10 am: This is a reoccurring problem we have. She doesn't want to eat and just wants to talk. It's too cute to be annoying.

10:30 am: Diapers in the washing machine (my favorite time of the week...) and boiled eggs and toast for breakfast. Yes, I realize it's late but this is life when dealing with a wonky schedule.  Is wonky the right word?

11:25 am: She is super tired and getting fussy. I have to feed her while bouncing on the yoga ball. I'll let you just picture how that might look. Why does the yoga ball soothe her so?  Probably because I bounced non-stop the last 3 weeks of pregnancy.  You've been warned.  I think once she calms down I'll put her in the swing and if she doesn't fall asleep I'll vacuum.

11:33 am: Well, she fell asleep but woke up when I put her down. Figures. Time to vacuum. 

11:45 am: I did it, but she just stared at me the whole time. I guess I'll go finish washing diapers and see what happens. She just needs to sleep!

12:02 pm: Hung up diapers outside! It's pretty windy, super cold, but very sunny. I just want them to get sun-bleached again.  Everything is better with a little sun.  I can always throw them in the dryer if they get frozen.

12:24 pm: She is getting pretty darn upset. I think it's nap time for both of us. Time to feed her while lying on the bed! Have I mentioned that I'm still in my PJ's (or is it PJs)?

12:44 pm: Still not sleeping...

12:56 pm: *seven minutes earlier* Ellie: I'm asleep mom! Go take your nap now. *fast forward to now* hah! Just kidding. I'm going to escape my swaddle now. Stinker.

1:16 pm: This is ridiculous. I need the swing.

2:09 pm: Well, a 30 minute nap it is.  I'm still tired, but now I'm incredibly hungry.  Time for some lunch and green tea.  Green tea will save me from sleepiness.  By the way, I got dressed!  Go mom!

3:06 pm: Diaper rashes suck. She's had one for way too long. It's not incredibly nasty, but it's just red. I'm going to google ideas.

3:08 pm: Maybe it's the wipes! Someone else had a problem with wipes being the main cause of it all. That would make sense since we've tried different diapers (switching from cloth to disposable for a few days) and it didn't do much.  Thanks Google!

3:13 pm: An hour later and she's tired and hungry again. I'm thinking of trying a new swaddle technique I saw on Pinterest. Maybe this will help her sleep harder, better  and longer.  At least I ate some food and finished my laundry!

3:30 pm: Success!

4:03 pm: Just kidding. We'll try again.

4:15 pm: No success. Going to go work on a puzzle with my 10 year old cousin downstairs.  Ellie can just hang out and be cute.
5:40 pm: Playing quizup against Nick.  Destroying him at this General Knowledge category. This is how we converse when we're trying to be quiet and get her to sleep. An extremely addicting app.

8:46 pm: After only a 30 minute nap since her last one, its no wonder why she's so incredibly crabby and refusing to sleep. Nick and I had to switch off bouncing on the yoga ball just to get her to quiet down. I finally got her to eat a little (hence the reason for this update) and hopefully she'll stay asleep. I'm hoping it's not a long night, but it easily could be with an overly tired little girl.

Well, that's just a glimpse of a normal sleepless day.  Filled with diapers, fighting sleep (and sleepiness), pajamas, and a cute baby.  Maybe we'll try this again on a better day.  Or at least when my days get a little more interesting.


  1. You are an awesome momma! :)

  2. My goodness...there's something Ellie and I have in common. Neither of us like to sleep.


  3. So she's one of those babies who think sleep is boring, huh? My Mom had a bunch of those. She was always mystified by our cousins who slept constantly.


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