Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miscellany Monday: On-time edition

- I have an informal interview this week for a potential part-time music teacher gig.  Keep your fingers crossed!

- I have yet to understand why Black Friday is such a huge disatrous deal.  People are hurting each other to get something that they really don't need.  AND most of the time you can get the same deal online or some other time of the year (it's just not as heavily advertised).  I do enjoy finding great deals on cheap movies and things, but it's not worth the insane lines and brutal people.

- Ellie has her check-up this week.  I'm pretty excited to see how she's grown!  Her last check-up was when she was 1 month.  We were supposed to do a 2 month one, but it was inconveniently cancelled because of annoying insurance things that I don't want to get into.  Anyways, I haven't heard how much she weighs or how long she is since then (besides our at-home measurements which probably aren't that accurate).

- Toast with honey and sea salt is really the best.  Try it.

- All I want for Christmas is a ton of gift cards/money so I can spend it all on shopping.  I am enjoying having my post-pregnancy body back way too much.

- My mosaic is finally coming along!  All I have left is to add some blue tiles for the sky and some tan ones for a little more contrast and hill-like background, and add the grout on top.  Mosaic work has become one of my new favorite hobbies that I really enjoy, but I should probably work on smaller projects after this.  This one is just incredibly big and time consuming, especially with a baby.  It's around 36" x 20", just FYI.


  1. I guess we must live in an odd area for Black Friday shopping--my usual experience with it is very happy, friendly people, and short lines, too! But from what I hear, that's not the normal experience.

  2. Your toast sounds yummy. I will try it. :)

    I sort of like the fabric store on black friday, but not enough for me to go out this year. Them old ladies be acting crazy!!

    Good luck with the interview!

  3. The only reason I enjoy Black Friday shopping is because we actually get to shop somewhere in person, haha. I NEVER EVER went BF shopping when I lived in Seattle. EVER. But now that we usually go to Juneau it's a good chance to knock out most of our Christmas shopping and I actually enjoy the crowds of strangers and items that are literally half of what they cost in Sitka - at full price. Add on the sales and it's hard not to max out the credit card!

    GOOD LUCK on your interview!! And I need to try that toast idea. I would have never thought to put sea salt on honey.


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