Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear so and so


Dear week,  you have kept me so busy.  Seriously.  It took me TWO DAYS to find time to respond back to all of my readers' comments.  That's so sad!  I even got two extra days off this week and they were both filled with errands and busywork.  I won't complain, though, because two days off is really nice right now.  Especially when I get to spend it with my husband who also has those days off!

Dear Game of Thrones,  you have consumed my husband.  That's not a compliment.  You are crazy intense and sometimes gross, but actually really good.  It's like watching Lord of the Rings, but made more for men (there are half naked women - and men - throughout the whole show).


Dear Christmas tree, we are coming for you.  Today or tomorrow (haven't decided yet).  I am really bummed, though, because we aren't going to find you in the forest.  We just don't have enough time this weekend and we can't wait until next weekend because, well, we want to enjoy you at least a little bit before Christmas! 

Dear baby E, I'm so glad you entered into the world this weekend.  You are adorable and your parents are so happy to have you here.  I can't wait to play with you more and start working on fun gifts for you!  You also make me want to have a little boy of my own.  Someday... (no, don't get any ideas.  We're not pregnant!)

Dear oyster dome, you were awesome the other day.  The weather held up and didn't rain until we were done hiking and you provided an incredible view from the top.  Thank you!

I love the San Juan Islands!

Dear Google, why did you tell me that my picture upload limit was reached two days ago, but now I just uploaded a picture?  You don't make sense to me.  I hope you don't tell me that I can't upload anymore pictures.  What am I going to do then?!

Dear Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rainn Wilson, you two have become pretty cool in our house lately.  JGL, you have shown us which is really fun to explore and you even have my husband wanting to contribute some music to the collaboration!  Plus, you aren't too bad on the eyes...
Rainn, I love you in the Office and your Soul Pancake stuff is awesome.  We usually watch your Metaphysical Milkshake episodes on youtube.  They're pretty fun, especially when you interview someone that we really like and respect... like this one with JGL.

Dear Settlers of Catan, you are an awesome game.  We played the other night for the first time after finding you at Goodwill and now we're hooked.  You are better than Monopoly and Risk combined!


  1. 1) I have never seen Game of I'm not sure I want to...hahah.

    2) I understand being busy! It's always my days off where I can't find time to respond to emails, heh!

    3) I bought Isaiah that game (Settlers of Catan) for either Christmas or his birthday a year or so ago...we've played a total of one time. I just hate board games so very much...

  2. Game of Thrones is one of our favorites! Love it!
    Also, I had the photo upload problem last go to Google Plus (easy if you have gmail), upload photos there, and then you can upload from "Picasa Album" on blogger.

  3. Aw I'm sorry you won't be able to hunt your tree down in the forest but hey, I'm sure you'll still find a great one!

  4. Settlers of Catan is such a great game!

  5. Google was telling me the same thing about pictures about two weeks ago. So annoying!!

  6. My sister and brother in law are big fans of Catan... not so much Chad and I. They are really competitive about it and have played a lot more than us, so it's not very much fun to play because we don't understand it as well, and it takes the fun out when they get so competitive.

  7. I love Game of Thrones! My cousin and her husband got me hooked on it.. I'm also a huge fan of Spartacus. Very bloody, gruesome, naked.. but still good.
    I think we are going to get our tree today.. Or so I hope haha!

  8. I hope you had fun getting your Christmas tree! That's one of my favorite things to do every year!

  9. Hi Alison! New follower and as a mom of a boy, I do hope you get one someday! They are just too sweet!


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