Friday, December 21, 2012

Jumbled Friday Thoughts

You know what happened last weekend that I am ashamed of?  I, Alison, got stressed out over Christmas.

Seriously, how could this have happened?  I blame a mixture of woman emotions, not enough sleep, and not enough endorphins in my body (in other words, not enough exercise).  It happened when I was finishing up the last of the Christmas present shopping and I couldn't figure out what to get two people.  I started to get a little frustrated because I just wanted to go home and not shop anymore.  Nick pointed out how ridiculous my being stressed out was and later - of course later because I too stubborn in the moment - I realized that a person, mostly me, should NEVER get stressed out about Christmas!  Presents are NOT what Christmas is about.  It's about the birth of Jesus Christ!  It's about giving, not oh-my-gosh-I-have-to-get-a-gift-for-everyone this year.

I lost it for one day.  The first time EVER and the last time.  I just needed to confess that to you all.  

On the topic of being bad, I'm bad at deep cleaning the house - you know, scrubbing the fridge, dryer-sheeting the trim, q-tipping the window tracks, vinegaring the floor... all those typical Pinterest deep cleaning recipes.  My excuse?  It's a rental.  I'll have to do it when we move out, so why do it now?  I did clean the fridge the other day, though.  Go me!


Want to know what blew my mind this week?  The fact that this guy, better known as Mose for all you Office geekos and nerdos, is the co-creator of Parks and Rec.  Crazy.

 Did you know that?  Now you know! - 10 points and a gold star to whoever knows what that's from.


You know what I'm frustrated about?  People and their current thoughts on gun control.  On NPR the other day there were people talking about having teachers being armed with concealed weapons - after the right training of course.  Honestly, I don't see how that is going to work well.  First off, having guns around children all the time just sounds like a bad idea.  There are a number of cases where kids find guns - even by police parents - and they end up hurting somebody else or themselves.  Secondly, I really don't think the answer to gun violence is to have more guns. 

I also don't believe that we need to ban guns in order to find peace in this world.  It's just not going to work.  People are people and they will find ways to get what they want.  That's why there are still drugs everywhere, even though they're illegal.   

And now, I'll stop ranting.


Look at this fabulous thrift store find I got last week.

Mmmm, so nice and cozy!  I think I want it around my house all year round, not just Christmas time.  That's okay, right?


On that warm and fuzzy note, enjoy this lovely Christmas song to end your week and begin your holiday weekend!

You must know that while this song is a joke, Nick and I still laugh each time we hear it.


  1. Bill Nye!! "NOW YOU KNOW..." Right? Right?

    That lantern is SO super duper cute!! I love it!

    I'm bad at deep cleaning the house, too. Actually, if we're being honest, I'm bad at cleaning in general. I'm good at tidying up clutter...but actual cleaning??? No. Hello, New Years Resolution...

  2. That stress picture is too much. And that lantern is awesome.

    The whole gun debate is over my head. Obviously something has to change, but I don't know what it is. (gun control vs. mental health care or a mixture) I know for sure it is NOT having teachers armed. Are you kidding me? I can't believe people think that.

  3. Love your jumbled thoughts this Friday. And 10 points for me! yeah.

  4. The thing that gets me the most stressed is getting time off from work. Luckily I open today and then I have tonight and tomorrow off, yay!

    Merry Christmas Eve!


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