Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Pinteresting Christmas

Remember that time I posted this post about November Pinterest goals?

Yeah... about that...

I honestly didn't do any of those.  They were great ideas, but they just didn't happen.
I think it might be because most of those required going out and buying certain things to make them with.  I don't just have rope, wood, small big headed nails, and whatnot just lying around ALL THE TIME. 


I wish I would've done one for Christmas because I have been cranking these Pinterest pins out like no other.

Like this one:

this one:

and this one:

 I'll share 'em all later.  Promise.

I also have a couple of awesome pins in the works (really.. I do.). 

Balloons + Yarn + Glue.  So easy and it'll look great!

A variation of this, but it's my inspiration.  It's so cute and hip and I already have the base for the wreath and cute yarn!

Why is Christmas time one of the best times to get super crafty?  I feel like I'm ten times more crafty in the winter.  Maybe it's 'cause we're cooped up all day and we're all in the giving mood to make crafts for everyone.  I'm sure that's my reason.  I still have too many crafts/gifts to make for people.  I even had them picked out a month ago!  Why haven't I started yet?!

Now onto some of the things that I really want to get done before Christmas.  This time it's really going to happen.

I can do these with the girls.  I think they'd love to make ornaments.  We'll probably end up painting some, stamping others, and cookie cutting some as well. 

I have some of these big light bulbs.  Actually, one strand that I got from my parents in college to use as decorations.  What am I going to use with one strand of big light bulbs?  Maybe I'll take the bulbs and do this.  Do you think that'd be okay and not wasteful?

I need to make some stockings this year.  We don't have ANY in our house.  I'd also much rather not buy them.  It'd be way more meaningful anyways if I made them.  I wish I had burlap lying around the house (or have it accessibly cheap).

On the same note as stockings...

We don't have a mantel in our house.  We have a gas stove, which heats up our house, and no fireplace!  Sad, I know.  If I'm going to make stockings I should have a place to put them.  What do you think of these ideas for stocking holders?  I could whip up something like this from pieces at the re-store in town (awesome place to find used EVERYTHING dealing with housing materials - paint, wood, pipes, cabinets, etc). 

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

Source: via Daffny on Pinterest

What are you pinning for Christmas?  Any great craft ideas I should know about?!

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  1. Someone has been keeping busy! :) I can't wait to see your spin on thing! I always get craftier during the winter months, as well.

  2. I don't even know which one I love the most, there are so many fun Christmas decor ideas.

  3. We had to hang our stockings on our entertainment center, because we don't have a fireplace either!!!

    On a side note, I tried that balloon/yarn/glue thing one time and it was AWFUL. Super messy and it didn't really turn out like the you have to let me know if it works and how they turn out!!

  4. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop on Handling with Grace!

    xmas is my FAVORITE holiday to decorate for and thanks to pinterest i have TONS of great ideas for this year :-)

    Following you via my google blog reader :-)
    Def enjoyed this post! Please feel free to stop by my blog if you have time :-)


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