Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Christmas banner

12 days 'til Christmas!  How crazy is that?  I still have many gifts to make/buy.  Isn't it funny how that works?  A month ago I had just about all of our gifts figured out (minus a few) and now I'm scrambling to finish creating them!  Sheesh.

I have, however, been creating little Christmas goodies for me.  Selfish, I know.

I wanted to share this easy and cute DIY project that I did recently.

I stole borrowed the idea from this wonderful blog and made it my own.  She has her letters hung individually on a coat rack thing.  I didn't want to have to buy a wood board/coat rack so I decided to just make it into a banner instead.

Here's what you need:
CD's - enough for the word you are going to use.  We actually had a LOT of old mixed CDs and mix n match old computer programs.  I'm sure you could find some for cheap.
Paper - whatever patterns you want
Paint - to use for the stencils if you want
Christmas ribbon
Drill - or something to punch holes into CD's

Let's begin!

The first thing I did was to trace the CD's onto the patterned paper and cut them out.  Make sure you have enough so you can cover both sides of the CD.

You can either do this after gluing paper or before, but I chose to do this before.  Drill holes into your CD's one at a time.

It seems really scary - I had my husband do one first to test it out - but it really isn't.  Just drill down where you want the hole and once the hole goes through, drill back out.  I only cracked one CD while doing this.  If you go straight up and down you shouldn't crack any.

Glue on your patterned paper.  I just used mod podge and it worked great! Don't forget to glue it onto both sides.


After that, stencil the letters you want onto the CD's (or write them.  I have horrible handwriting, though),
poke holes where the drill hole is (I just used a pencil for that),
string your ribbon through (I tied the ribbon off so the CD's wouldn't slide around, but you do what you think is right),
and hang!

I love it and I only had to buy stencils and ribbon for this project (about $4 for them).  If you don't have enough CD's, just go buy some from a thrift store.  They usually have plenty.

Turn on your Christmas lights and enjoy :)

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  1. Very cute!! That looks great hanging in front of your window!!!


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